A Christmas Prince Review

January 1, 2020 at 4:09pm
By Jason Stettner

A Christmas Prince is a Netflix Original film that follows a reporter named Amber (Rose McIver) as she attempts to get the inside scoop on these royals. It’s her first big assignment, and it all takes place in this far away country. What we get here is a largely generic sort of Christmas love story, but it does have some fun with the concept.

Just don’t expect anything too wild, and you’ll be satisfied enough by what it provides. It features some light laughs, and is really just an easy quick romantic film for the holidays. Opposite Amber, we have Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) who’s having a hard time with the idea of taking the throne. Other key members include the existing Queen, Helena (Alice Krige) and the disruptive young Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey).

There are some darker things at play too, as while some want the main prince to take the throne, others are plotting against this. Amber also has some friends from back home you see on a screen, and this takes a sort of am I doing the right type of thing situation. It’s interesting, yet doesn’t necessarily dig into the concept too much.
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This is definitely something that’s somewhat lower budget, with a castle that really isn’t all that magnificent. It does aim to bring some level of magic to the royalty aspect, but never digs into that visually. You do get a sense of that in how the sets are decorated, and how the core groups act throughout.

The acting is questionable at times, it’s very much an easy going sort of film. Again, just don’t have high expectations for what this provides. It’s fairly plain in how it’s shot, nothing too majestic when it comes to the cinematography here. Not much else to say here, some laughs are provided and a little bit of mystery. It’s very predictable quite honestly, knew what would happen very early on so try not to decipher things at all.

The Conclusion

A Christmas Prince is an alright romantic Christmas film, it’s easy to consume like cake, but doesn’t leave much of a filling substance afterwards. It’s very straight forward, but you might get a laugh or two along the way. It can be fun at times, if you try not to think about anything in this movie too much. The acting wasn’t great, the sets are alright.

It just really doesn’t do much in terms of being anything too unique. I felt like I had watched this type of movie a number of times prior, so it won’t necessarily feel fresh. It’s just a heartwarming sort of cinematic experience for the holidays, with Christmas being such a core part of this kingdom’s situation. That’s the uh, A Christmas Prince movie.

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Rating Overall: 5.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner