A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Review

January 1, 2020 at 5:40pm
By Jason Stettner

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is a Netflix Original film that is the third entry in this now trilogy of Christmas themed movies. It once again follows Amber (Rose McIver) and her now husband Richard (Ben Lamb). They’re queen and king, with a baby on the way for the holidays. Their relationship has moved fast, and is attempting to hit all of the key life marks Christmas after Christmas.

This is actually the best entry in the series yet, aiming to provide a mystery of sorts. During a critical stage in the pregnancy, a special treaty is to be signed. This is a distinct treaty that has kept the peace between two nations for hundreds of years. It’s a dark sort of situation as this document has gone missing, and everyone’s scrambling to find out what’s happened to it. They do a good job of being unpredictable with this, and having some surprising elements along the way.

They switch some characters up, and this works for being a different sort of narrative in comparison to the last two. It’s still all about the romantic and corny aspects of the others while showing some signs of maturity. I liked what they did with this one, and it’s a series that has continued to improve. I could also just be getting swayed into it, who knows at this point. It could be madness, or just the season.
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They used a more intimate sense of space in this one, with what seemed to be an increased budget as well. They really went all out with the placement of items, and creating dense rooms in terms of what was within them. A weird thing to bring up, but makes sense considering much of this was indoors so you appreciate it more. Not to say they don’t venture out, but they’re having a child so it’s largely inside.

There is of course a mystery here, and they play that well with possible individuals that could have done this act of thievery. I thought the acting was further improved in this entry, and everyone is comfortable with their characters at this point. It did seem like Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey) was more sidelined though it was nice to see a progression in Simon (Theo Devaney). They also put Amber’s friend in new roles again, which did make sense. This is of course a corny sort of series, so expect some lights and perhaps silly yet serious stakes in this one. I also still don’t find the castle to be anything too magnificent.

The Conclusion

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is the best of trilogy, it builds upon the characters and presents a surprisingly fun mystery. I didn’t anticipate what would happen, so it was a pleasant sort of surprise when things did get unveiled. I’m not sure where they go from here assuming they produce additional films, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something if needed. The characters are more comfortable in their roles, and it felt slightly more serious.

At least, a serious as this type of film is going to get. It provides some laughs, heartfelt moments and of course leans on the spirit of Christmas as nothing else important happens in this kingdom the rest of the year. They found a good balance here, a nice sense of progression and strangely I look forward to seeing if they can continue to evolve this series if it does indeed continue from this point. I liked the extra politic dynamic, and that it never forgot how important the royal’s Christmas is.

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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner