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Beyond Stranger Things is a talk show styled discussion that dives deeper into the universe of Stranger Things. Think like the Talking Dead for The Walking Dead, but better focused and less fan included. This is great as it really gets into the show and with this first season of Beyond it focuses entirely on Stranger Things 2 (season two of Stranger Things). The host is Jim Rash which does an excellent job of keeping a calm focus and making sure everyone is on discussion. It's an easy watch if you're a fan of the series and want to see some elements discussed in greater detail or learn more about the production.

Multiple members of the cast come in as well with basically everyone being included with the use of the magical old school TV they have on set. There are also some of the cast creators and directors that come on as well. It's a simple set up with a loose set of topics as the group often sits around a D&D table. The set has a distinct look that feels natural to the show and while simple, it feels humbly classic.
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It's certainly not a complex show and it all runs really smooth. It's designed for an easy binge as they literally set up the episodes to streamline into one another. The guests were interesting and you learn a great bit about certain aspects of the show. I find these types of things fascinating, especially if it's something I enjoyed and I appreciated this extra look into that universe.

It also helps to fully describe some aspects of the show in greater depth while delivering some fun production facts. It's an easy watch at around three hours of time altogether. The show flows fast as cast members come and go for each episode. I did feel as though they could have even extended it as it was quick, but the focus was usually on track and that is important for those that don't typically like this type of show. I say this extension in terms of episode length and perhaps including more topics/production behind the scenes.

The Conclusion

I definitely enjoyed watching Beyond Stranger Things and heavily suggest checking it out if you're hungry for more of the show. It does contain full spoilers for every single episode and acts as more of an extension to the series. A nice complementing side portion to it all.

Again, great to watch if you really enjoy the show and more of an interesting expansion though it won't be for everyone. The set was nice, but I did notice some slightly odd camera angles/cuts at times and it can get off topic. That's just how it works with various people casually around a table though discussing things. You can learn a fair bit about how the show was put together and a better description on many of the episodes in the second season of Stranger Things.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner