BoJack Horseman Season 5 Review

Things have changed in the world of BoJack as the character finds himself on a brand new show. This is the general setup for season as we see many of the characters in new places. Things have changed, yet everyone is still locked in their own destructive cycles. There's more of a split this time around as other characters get an extended time in the spotlight, particularly Diane (Alison Brie). They also had more standalone episodes that did filter into the overall narrative, but directly focused on one concept.

There's literally a whole episode focused around BoJack just standing there and talking. It was somewhat meandering, yet deep and helped kick off a darker turn in the season. This was another one of those twisted experiences where there's a further exploration into sorrow and this was directly comparative to the modern entertainment industry. The season really did focus on many modern trends making some mockery along the way. This was alright, but it also seems as though they're just taking something that exists as opposed to being more creative as the show has been in the past.
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The animation is stellar once again, it feels about the same as last time in terms of quality. Some of the characters have visually changed which was neat, though they still come across as the same individuals. The mix-ups were nice as we saw some key players being shuffled around and the new situations were interesting. It was sort of an odd twist on what happened to the lead within this season in comparing it to the past, but it sends everything in a new direction once again. I felt as though they're quite locked in the past as every bit of growth seems to get reset at some later point.

The Conclusion

This fifth season of BoJack Horseman continues to deliver being a dark tale of sorrow, while also losing some of the distinction along the way. I love how dark this show can get and the display of depression it presents. It still feels as though it's moving in repetitive cycles. This was another solid season, it just feels like a bit of a step down from where things were left previously.

It was great to see the fallout of various events and the setting was well developed. This being in terms of how things have changed within the universe. I'm not supposed to directly mention some aspects, so I'm being cautious in mentioning things. It leans on real events a bit too much and I felt the strength of the show was being more original. The creative elements of where it came up with problems was great, yet here it's just taking current events and adjusting them to what's already going on within the narrative.

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Rating Overall: 7.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner