Carmen Sandiego Season 4 Review

April 2, 2021 at 3:39pm
By Jason Stettner

This is an animated Netflix Original Series that concludes the adventure of this title lead. Things basically jump right into the action from last time around, and Carmen (Gina Rodriguez) is now attempting to deal with Vile once and for all. Things have changed, with the factions competing to come out on top.

It’s actually really surprising that this is the end, I’ve quite enjoyed this show and I had assumed it would go on longer. That being said, this is an absolutely perfect conclusion to the series, tying up loose ends perfectly and really using all of the previous episode story lines in a meaningful way. I didn’t have any lingering questions, and was more than satisfied in regards to where the characters ended up.

I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be enough time, but they managed to pull it off and I felt almost slightly emotional by its conclusion. I was definitely shocked by that, but it’s really quite a lovely way to wrap this all up. Things are changing, characters are being shifted and the allies that Vile has left are dwindling.

They’re getting desperate in how they aim to grow their operations, and all sides are moving in towards each other for a final convergence. They used the large roster of characters effectively, and gave everyone a good moment to shine in this one which was nice. It raised the stakes, while also making sure that everything was left in a way that felt natural to what had been happening over the course of the series.
Carmen Sandiego Season 4 Wallpaper
While the art style for this is more minimalistic, it truly does shine here and looked simply radiant with finer touches in the last episodes. There were some rather sleek transitions too, wild in style. They had some absolutely gorgeous and iconic landscapes for the character to fulfill missions within.

This really did span the globe, and each of those locations mattered in regards to filling out the back story for the various involved members of her settled crew. They even had some splendid musical additions to the action, those were great to see in action. Aside from showcasing some visually appealing areas, they did provide some laughs and educational moments too which are a big part of this character.

With each location, there was some sort of historical fact or for certain items they would give context which is important considering the target audience. That being said, there’s still some good action in this one and that gets amped up a bit. The voice acting was solid here, with a varied selection of unique voices present.

The Conclusion

Carmen Sandiego Season 4 is a near perfect conclusion to this series that ties up the loose ends, raises the stakes and provides more of the action you’ve likely enjoyed in the previous seasons. I can’t believe this is the end already, as I had wanted more. That being said, I’m very happy with how this ended as it was rather sweet, and completely on brand with the character.

It felt like a natural progression of the story lines that had been told prior. It’s a charming ending, and I didn’t necessarily have any dangling questions. It really did dive through the main characters, giving them new purposes and also building up the legend of this character.

It’s almost as though this series was her origin, providing a well rounded cast and of course showing character growth to many of the individuals present across the various story lines that were being displayed here. Well, that’s all I suppose. We’ve got to see her background story, given a sense of mystery and of course many capers.

It’s provided neat educational facts, great action and of course some rather fun shifts in terms of direction. I was quite happy with how it wrapped up for what was the best season of the show. It hit the emotional points well, had fun with it and ended in a very satisfying way, at least for me.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner