Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Gets Darker as You Watch

One of the main things I imagine many will ask about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is whether or not the show gets darker. It does start off rather campy despite having a perhaps, rather shocking moment right off the bat. Still, this will certainly be a question for many and I'd like to go over that. I won't spoil anything on the show in this article, this will mostly just be a discussion on the tone and general themes presented in this first season.

While watching this season to review I received the screeners in waves, presented as six and then two, with the final two arriving shortly after. I mention this aspect as it sort of showcases a timeline for the tone of the show. In the first few episodes it felt rather tame, very high school drama filled and almost as if it wasn't going to settle on being dark enough.
Chilling Adventures Sabrina Wallpaper
That does get fixed rather quickly however as this initial selection of episodes is mostly establishing the plethora of characters and setting some universe rules. You get to learn about how things work and the struggle the lead Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) faces in her journey of witch hood. It's not easy being half a mortal with this fancy witch side sitting there asking for her to answer the call to darkness. Through some internal and external forces you're seeing a progression for the lead throughout the season. You get to see a sense of lingering on that creepy and dark side of witch craft, while still having a balance.

That does shift considerably in the latter half as things develop and certain steps are taken which are essential in the name of the dark lord. It's definitely worth sticking around for some of the crazy situations in the later episodes. It builds towards an even more intense moment further along the way. I don't believe this spoiled anything, but I wanted to put something together as I imagine some might be a bit iffy on this series and it's worth sticking with. I personally can't wait for the second season and I know many will be surprised by how the events progress throughout towards the conclusion. You can read my review of the first season below which also doesn't contain spoilers or additional coverage within the Netflix hub below.

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