Daredevil Season 2 Review

The first season of Daredevil was a special event as it was the first time we got a look at the darker side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the view of its secondary characters. While still part of the larger universe this series offers its own small take on that and I'd honestly like some more connections to what's going on.

This season aimed to open up the series a bit more by introducing a number of new characters and focus less on Daredevil. This was mostly fine, but at times I felt it strayed too far from the main goal of centering around this character as the stories divulged and didn't connect often enough to be meaningful. In the main story we have Matt Murdock doing his thing in some fancy new threads and then everything building around that.

We immediately get The Punisher side of things as that character is brought in as a direct comparison to what Daredevil might be one bad night away from being him. The Punisher is a badass character as rightly brought to life in this series though it seems more like this is also his origin story as well.

The two cross paths right away and then things actually get resolved to some extent pushing forward other portions of the series. I don't want to dig into details too far as not to spoil things, but it builds towards a trial as Matt is still a lawyer and his close knit group still practices law.
Daredevil Season 2 Wallpaper Once the first portion of the season moves along with a shift we're introduced to Elektra which is a huge part of Daredevil having a dark secret and questionable objectives. When Elektra and Daredevil get together it's quite interesting not only while their costumed, but also when they're just interacting as regular people. It's gotten a certain charm to it and they both work very well when paired. As with any hero entity there needs to be a general enemy and that expanded this season with The Hand being a central figure in this battle.

While it was disappointing to have a more generic group of enemies, it still fit the lore and didn't distract from the large roster of characters already fighting for screen time. Another one of the stories being progressed is Karen's side of things as she juggles being their assistant and working on finding out just who this Punisher is. This builds towards her taking a side role on things becoming more of a journalist then just a secretary and giving us a better view of the character she's studying.

Another side story was that of Fisk appearing again for a brief bit causing chaos and then he just slipped away, yet not without showing what made the first season so great of the combative dynamic between the two. The final side of things is the whole Elektra and her association's with others which pushes Daredevil to new lengths. The pacing was mostly well done this season with each episode having a good balance of progressing story and action.

It was once again a darker look at the universe, but felt lighter than the previous season and Jessica Jones. It does a great job of building mystery towards what's going to be happening in the future as well other series though it should have spent more time centered on the star and not balancing so many characters at once.

The Conclusion

I felt it was weaker in comparison to the other Marvel series currently on Netflix, but still a solid season that helped add another building block to the expanding universe.

The scenes of Daredevil with Elektra or The Punisher were great and even the side characters had strong presence, yet split too often. I'd also like to mention that the costumes were stellar capturing the comic appeal well while having a sleek style to them which was great to see in action so often.

Daredevil Season 2 Review on Netflix

Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner