Dark Season 1 Review

Dark is a wonderful show, it's complex and layered to the highest levels one could imagine. I could see very, very many people getting straight up confused and honestly I completely lost track of things at times. Still, it's really great and you can see the layers perfectly form as almost everything is explained as events progress throughout. It's about patience and waiting for every little story to come together. I was however quite disappointed with the ending feeling it was personally a waste of time since it was determined to continue being straight forward. This is hard to explain without spoilers, but it just goes through with little altering.

It ruins a sense of anything could happen as you're mostly just along for the journey as opposed to following any sort of dynamic change. It leaves things at a rather interesting point and while I have ideas where it could go, I'm not sure if the budget will be there to properly execute them. The shows starts out simple and it should have stayed that way. It jumps to covering three generations and while they attempt to connect the dots by the time we went way in the past I was far too troubled by trying to remember the vast cast. Most of them make no sense in their small roles and while it's all important, it's damn confusing. Everyone is connected and different individuals appear at various time points.
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They really should have focused on just one or two eras in this season and perhaps spread it out. They did tie almost everything up, but there was just so much piled on at once. I was close to the point of putting together a flow chart just to keep track of characters and their relations. That aside, it's purpose is straight forward and I loved trying to guess what was happening. That's mainly what just drove me to sit there at full attention. The cinematography is gorgeous here with every shot being simply stunning. It's in German however with the English dubbing being hit or miss. I got used to it after awhile, tried it with German and English subtitles but I couldn't connect as well. I loved the setting and while it was almost basic, it worked for how they wanted to tie everything together. It's certainly an intriguing series and one that will draw you in once the flow gets going.

The Conclusion

They were perhaps too ambitious with Dark, adding far too much so soon instead of spreading it out further. It's one of the few Netflix Original series where it seems too much was stuffed into a season. I really enjoyed it, but the ending was somewhat angering almost. I like the sense of what I'm seeing to matter in a direct flow of events and if they continue I do hope that's what they do instead of retreading like what they've been pointing towards. If you can get past the dubbing or watch with subtitles it's great to figure out what's happening and for the most part I had a general idea. I did however have a hard time tracking the vast quantity of people at play, it's exhausting.

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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner