Disenchantment Season 3 Review

April 2, 2021 at 4:11pm
By Jason Stettner

This was such a weird season for the show, it basically went off in wild directions while still being about on par in regards to the themes and wacky adventures the crew goes on. I wasn’t a fan of how some of the characters were handled, or the strange shift in the direction of the main story.

It almost feels as though it’s lost its initial vision, whatever that was. You get the most bizarre Zog (John DiMaggio) story as he deals with just being a broken king and then Bean (Abbi Jacobson) heads into a sort of steam world which is called Steamland and that was a rather different direction for the series to head in.

It was just a bit odd to go from dungeons of fantasy, to fantastical machines in a completely different feeling realm. I’m not sure where things will head from here, but it should be interesting I suppose. I just generally wasn’t quite as on board with this season in terms of where the narrative had headed, and the treatment for some of the characters.

I felt some of the side cast was also underutilized and this just sent them in the oddest of directions throughout. Still, it’s about on brand for the humor and weird situations the team finds themselves dealing with. It sets up some interesting future potential moments and overall I’m curious about what they’ll do with what’s been setup by the end of it.
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The animation was great here bringing a high quality look and some fascinating creature designs throughout. With this taking on a fantasy setting they had some more mystical elements while also cracking jokes at that.

That’s tweaked slightly as steam machines come intot he mix. The show was generally funny too with more good moments that did lean towards being slightly dramatic as well. I don't think it quite hit the mark that Futurama could at times, and it doesn’t seem like it will after two seasons.

The core cast is great, I especially like the lead character that has continued to have some deeper moments, mermaids were fun. This wasn’t structured quite as well as the first couple seasons, but it still had some fun moments to it which was appreciated.

It seems as though the characters are less party driven, but I suppose that’s because they have more goals and things that need to get done missions wise. I would have liked more side characters to come into play, as this continued to focus on just Bean which is fine I suppose. It just seems like such a rich universe to explore, but too expanded in terms of scope with this one.

The Conclusion

Disenchantment Season 3 was a strange direction for the series to head, and a bit of an awkward one that didn’t perfectly move things along. It was really weird to deal with some of the characters in positions that didn’t quite vibe with the previous seasons.

It seemed to lose a lot of the charm that made the first two parts of the series come together in a satisfying way. It’s still certainly enjoyable, and they do have fun with the change of scenery. It just seemed a bit off, almost not knowing where things were really headed this time around.

Just drifting around aimlessly, but hopefully things come together due to the shift of events here as the characters really are in all sorts of weird situations by the conclusion of this one. I’m still looking forward to future adventures of this team, and hopefully they get a tad sharper and slightly more funny for that fourth part of it.

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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner