Glitch Techs Season 1 Review

March 4, 2020 at 3:26am
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original animated series that follows two kids as they uncover a secret world. A society of individuals that work for the local game store, but actually are agents that get sent out to deal with video game glitches. These glitches manifest themselves as real monstrous entities and the kids need to work together in order to bust them.

I make that comment as they’re largely Ghostbusters. That aside, this series does actually get gaming and presents it in a healthy way while also going over some good worldly lessons. I also realized halfway through that gaming is now mainstream, as we never would have had something fun like this when I was younger and I’m not even that old yet. The series largely revolves around High Five (Ricardo Hurtado) and Miko (Monica Ray).

They both have different contrasting attitudes and it’s interesting to see these dynamics come out to play as they work together over the course of the season. It actually does carry an interesting narrative to it, but the episodes largely act as standalone entries and then it just suddenly ends. It would have been better to have a sort of arc for the story as it does just end almost abruptly. Or, at least a conclusion of sorts to match the structure from the first couple episodes.
Glitch Techs Season 1 Wallpaper
I was rather impressed by the visual style of this show, it was sleek and very aesthetically pleasing. The action looked great and each scene felt dynamic with some sense of scale to it. It captured the essence of the obvious games that were inspiring it and made them something unique. It’s got a neat core cast, and some fun extra additions that pop in from time to time.

I was pleasantly surprised by it, and also thought the voice work was solid. This is definitely a series for the younger folks of today. At the same time, I didn’t mind it either as it was one of the few works based on games that actually seemed to get it. With that, it also taught some lessons about growth and each episode aimed to have something unique to discuss sneakily in the background of the duo’s catching.

The Conclusion

Glitch Techs Season 1 is generally solid, I really enjoyed watching it and think there’s a lot of potential here going forward. I wish this set of episodes had more of a structure as it seemed to initially, then just drifted off into seemingly random episodes.

This caused what felt like a very abrupt ending and I was sort of expecting more from it. I was definitely left desiring more, and I’m intrigued by what else they might include. They have some neat elements to this one, I also really liked Miko’s bird. They have some fun with that character from its introduction to the aspect of caring for one’s creatures properly.

This also has a generally unique concept to it, it might sound silly but it works here. They have a sort of fun Ghostbusting attitude here, but definitely do completely different things with it. The leads work well together, with just enough tension to create unique situations as they learn from one another in regards to some of their weaker personality traits.

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Rating Overall: 7.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner