Green Eggs and Ham Season 1 Review

November 11, 2019 at 8:41pm
By Jason Stettner

I’d have to say this is one of the most surprising and well done animated series from Netflix yet. This is an original show which is based on the popular Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham”. Aside from the general title, and perhaps the theme this is an entirely fresh experience within the whimsical world that was created by Seuss. It’s an enjoyable ride with a great cast as two unlikely to cross paths individuals end up working together.

There’s the overly excited Sam I Am (Adam Devine) and the grumpy old inventor that’s had it Guy I Am (Michael Douglas). Together they deliver a rather exciting, and very charming journey to save a special creature. They’re being chased by multiple groups of people, and it’s neat to see this develop over the fourteen episodes. That’s normally a long order, but the pacing is excellent here and works well. You get a fully developed story and really do care for these characters by the end of it.

While they may seem like they’re the heart of this, two other people really do make a big impact to the overall narrative. This is in the form of the over protective mother Michellee (Diane Keaton) and her daughter EB (Ilana Glazer). They cross paths oh so many times, and it’s always interesting to see how the relationships begin to develop. I also can’t forget the excellent narration from Keegan-Michael Key, perfectly matched the whimsical attitude of Dr. Seuss.
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The animation work here is incredible, it looks great and authentic to the books. It hits all of the over the top notes you would expect and it’s great. There are so many neat creatures, distinct characters and just interesting things to see. The worlds are filled with vibrant colors, magical landscapes and wacky inventions. I’d love to see additional shows set in this world featuring the art style, it’s glorious quite honestly.

This is of course a series that’s appropriate for all ages, and there are some more complex themes at play too which were interesting. I think they hit the mark perfectly in that regard, so that anyone can enjoy this. It was funny, at times serious and it had a lot of charm. There was a good balance of characters that played off each other well and it had some serious twists. I was certainly surprised at times, I should have seen some things coming but was so engaged with just the movement.

It had great pacing and was very easy to binge through. I was always captured by what was going on, and it was a lot of fun. They did a really good job with this one, I was pleasantly surprised the entire way through. The voice acting was also well done, I was quite moved by the slow darkness of Michael Douglas’ Guy I Am. Honestly, was shocked to hear that voice here. There are other familiar folks as well, but I won’t ruin the surprises.

The Conclusion

Green Eggs and Ham Season 1 is an excellent new form for the classic Dr. Seuss story to take, and it’s beautifully animated. They did a really good job with this season, I loved it. It was a lot of fun, and something that anyone could enjoy. The world was ever so whimsical, full of heart and some slightly dark points as well. The core concept around a creature was fascinating, and it left room for many surprises.

You really won’t see some elements of this coming and that’s great. It was funny, at times charming and most of all just enjoyable. The acting was great, they had some nice dynamics at play with the relationships and took you through many interesting areas. The themes, and wild places you see along the journey were very unique. This is definitely something that’s worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of the Dr. Seuss style.

It’s brought to life perfectly through the acting, animation and of course the narration. I would have never expected such a pleasant time from this, really great. Again, I’d love to see this style applied to other tales as they did something fresh and it made it work while still being true to the ideas behind the original story which is important.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner