Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie Review

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is the latest Netflix Original with a regular hour and a half show done in the style of an episode from a cop procedural show. I was browsing the queue the other day and Handsome popped up with an interesting preview, so I thought I'd give it a shot. For the most part it was decent, but it felt like the start of a series as opposed to being a one off. It wasn't really great and by the end the entire thing felt like a pointless watch, but I'd watch another if they did one.

Gene Handsome (Jeff Garlin) is an aging detective dealing with a collection of idiot youngsters and is given a murder to solve. He's joined by Fleur Scozzari (Natasha Lyonne) but she really doesn't do much. The film is not entirely focused on the case as most of it follows Handsome with his mundane regular life. That aspect is very boring with the highlight of that being his incredibly noble dog. That aspect of life does come into play for the rest of the story, but it wasn't interesting.
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The movie looked alright, I was never particularly blown away by any shots in the film finding it to be average looking. The general plot came across as interesting, but nothing was too exciting and it came across as mostly generic. I liked the characters, but they just weren't in a unique story with many side ones being poorly developed.

It acted as though you knew the core squad with their wacky characteristics which at times is fine, but many of the side character were just useless. I had some laughs during the film with it being hit or miss, but was strangely intrigued the entire way through until it got close to the ending.

The Conclusion

Handsome ranged from alright to poor with some very boring elements in it. A lot of the surprise was taken away right from the start which made no sense and Handsome just meandered through the case.

There weren't a ton of laughs with it generally just being something I watched. I'd probably see another one since this felt more like an extended pilot to a series, but we'll see if this to the side Netflix flick gets any attention moving forward.

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Rating Overall: 4.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner