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Hilda is an absolutely charming animated series that follows a young girl dealing with having to move to the big city. Hilda (Bella Ramsey) has lived her whole life out in the wilderness with her mother and only due to certain miniscule events have things shifted where she'll need to experience a new world. Things are a bit different out in the wild with whimsical creatures and all sorts of fun activities to take part in across the vast open area she resides in. It's a magical season that displays moments of adorable care for the world and so much action within her many adventures.

There are also many lessons to be learned for the younger audience as she deals with the environment, making friends or generally being a good person to those around her. It was an enchanting series to watch and despite it being focused for a younger group I certainly enjoyed it. Hilda's little troop of friends were always off exploring somewhere and it was great to see the character growth as she interacted with people or creatures. There's a lot of mystery involved here as it leans on the magical side of things which was a lot of fun.
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The episodes were mostly standalone, but many of them started to directly connect together as the season progressed. Hilda dealt with so many problems, always trying to come up with something that was a solution for everyone. It was just a lovely adventure as she flew on weird circular creatures, grabbed rides from giants or interacted with the tiniest of elves. Her friends were great and their interactions as a team were a joy to behold.

It was even better when they were having problems as you can see how a young one might deal with falling out with another despite the matter being out of their control, or how you can't fix every problem. The animation was great, it was simple yet complex in terms of scope. I loved how unique the locations were and their use of different styles to showcase perspective. Far away shots made the characters look odd and that was so distinct.

The Conclusion

Hilda is a lovely and charming series that is perfect for the younger ones presenting so many life lessons. It has great visuals and provides so many unique locations. You're never sure what sort of creature might be present, or what kind of challenge she'll face on an adventure.

It was grounded in terms of being based around a kid living a regular city life, yet magical with imagination and what they'd do. It was just a great and viewing, I was surprised by how much depth was present here. There's always something new in the episodes and it tells a very cohesive tale. The lead was fantastic, as were the plethora of strange other creatures she meets along the way.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner