Hilda Season 2 Review

December 27, 2020 at 5:31pm
By Jason Stettner

Hilda Season 2 is the continuation of this absolutely delightful and charming Netflix Original animated series. It follows a young girl named Hilda (Bella Ramsey) and her friends as they deal with mystical things within one seriously enchanting world. It’s about exploration, discovery and some real deeper beats within this season.

I loved the first season of the show, and it’s only gotten better here with again, some very emotionally driven moments throughout. There’s a lot of heart, and also excitement when this group goes out to explore. On top of that, a little bit of danger here or there to. Following the first season, Hilda has now settled into the city life with her friends Frida (Ameerah Falzon-Ojo) and David (Oliver Nelson).

This provides more group based scenarios, while still having some personal smaller adventures for Hilda as well. Going back to the emotional elements, they had some truly touching moments throughout this. There’s one about learning to let things go that’s well handled and they provide a lot of heart to the various trolls.

With that, it does end with a bit of a wild note that I wasn’t really expecting. I guess the terror should be mentioned, definitely some darker scenes in this season too. I don’t think they’ll be anything too traumatizing, but they certainly went more wild such as the Viking episode or again how things wrap up. I did also want to mention that the integration of magic with witches was delightful, that was more integrated here which was fun to see in action.
Hilda Season 2 Wallpaper
The animation work here is just fantastic. Every single frame is filled to the brim with detail and this world they’ve painted has such a distinct look to it. The use of color, alongside day or night moments is wonderful.

It’s really quite amazing, being perfect for calmer moments that pop with color and style to those more frantic moments where a lot is going on. It works well, and helps make Hilda stand out as such a unique show. That’s paired with music that perfectly carries the mood and helps set essentially every single scene perfectly.

Mix that in with good stories that carry lessons for the younger audience and it’s ever so satisfying of a series. They have some great voice actors in the show as well, with a wide range of individuals that pop in for extended visits or even one off episodes. Lots of personality here, and a branching story with an overall theme arc to it that as well done.

The Conclusion

Hilda Season 2 is an incredible continuation of the series that provides a satisfying story arc with many smaller, emotionally delivering episodes that really have some excellent lessons within them. This really hits the mark as being funny, charming and exciting to watch. There are many wacky adventures that this group has, and they’re always within the most wondrous of locations.

I don’t know where they’re going from the ending point, but I do hope we get more as that was a bit shocking to say the least. Whatever the case, it’s a really great show that is ever so creative and interesting to view. I loved watching every moment of it, and even felt very sad at some points when it came to the stories that were being presented.

There’s a lot of heart to this series and I can’t wait to see where they take things should a third season arrive which I most certainly hope does. You’re definitely missing out if you haven’t watched Hilda yet, it’s perfect for the younger audience while also being grand for any age.

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Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner