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Insatiable follows a young girl that was on the larger side of things until a shocking event leaves her skinny. While the premise has apparently caused some disruption, the show does actually handle this respectable and with a comedic attitude. This is a very hard show to review as it truly is all over the place. I mark it as starting really great, getting too weird and terrible to then finish very strongly making me want more of it.

This is a very progressive type of show that covers many modern issues in terms of body image, gender and relationships. There's a lot of depth shown in a comedic, yet super dark way while also being beyond weird. If there was something strange they wanted to do, they did it. If there was a point where you were thinking of something shocking they could say in a situation, one of the characters would. I sort of respect that boldness and it worked here. I didn't like some of the straight up bizarre things that happened in some of the later episodes, but damn does it pick up and get insane at the end. I truly want to see where this is headed as I think it picked a crazy theme towards the end.
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Debby Ryan is Patty, the lead character here which anchors all of the other story lines. She's great as this character taking strides at attempting to exact revenge. This is done in multiple ways through growing violence or by battling in beauty pageants. I actually wish the latter was more present, but that could be the case for a second season. Great acting there as she brought depth to the struggles of the character still feeling this empty disruption due to her past weight.

It seriously handles the issue well, you'd be surprised. Her coach is also great, but weird to a degree later on that went maybe too far. It goes bizarre with the comedy and drama sometimes becoming a weird meld. This is a very adult focused show with the type of content it presents and some of the best spots were the thinking as you'll hear a voice over of their thoughts in situations. I also thought Kimmy Shields as Patty's friend Nonnie was great here.

The Conclusion

Insatiable Season 1 hits the right marks covering modern issues respectfully while being hilarious and too weird at the same time. There are many layers here and I'm not sure everyone will love it, but it was great when it went all out. There were really no lines this show couldn't cross and that made it better. Going back to the season curve that's really my thoughts here.

If it gets too bad, just keep pushing as the conclusive episodes are so worth it. Another comment would be the age thing seems so weird as she's supposed to be turning eighteen (the lead) and it's mentioned multiple times yet other ages for character interactions don't make sense, just like when she hits the bar. I over look it, but still it felt weird seeing like they wanted her in that young 20's, but still needed her to be in high school.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner