Iron Fist Season 2 Preview

Iron Fist Season 2 is a better effort towards making this character matter as the first season was not great. It truly was disappointing, yet I thought there was potential for this different sort of hero. With this preview I'm not able to go over any particular plot points being vague while also not giving a final review as that will come later on closer to when the episodes release. The series once again follows Danny Rand (Finn Jones) as he continues to become close with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick).

It's nice to see a somewhat functional relationship on these Netflix Marvel shows as they're usually incredibly dysfunctional. While they settle into a more regular life other forces are working against them. This season has a mix of action as the Iron Fist continues to be used and some more strategic business maneuvers. There's a nice balance that keeps the pace going and this should feel like a completely fresh take on the hero. Like I had mentioned, I didn't go in expecting a lot and have been pleased thus far on the new direction they're taking things.
Netflix Marvel Iron Fist Season 2 Wallpaper
To continue with the business side of things regular people get some time here as well. They have problems and it ties into the main themes quite well. I liked this aspect as I felt the regular people were another issue in the first season. This is definitely a different city as well after the events of The Defenders. There's some mixed feelings after what went down and that weighs heavily among the two leads. It's really just not Danny Rand having the spotlight as Colleen does get her fair share of time and goals.

This comes together in a good way and it's nice to see they've evaluated the problems of the initial series. There's also a better use of the fist during combat with new functions. It's not just a punching tool as it seems to have other capabilities in reacting to the local environment. It still has that fancy fighting style, but it just comes across as more powerful. I was also truly surprised by one of the new key players this time around, they should be a neat treat for fans of the more obscure Marvel universe. The full review of Iron Fist Season 2 will follow closer to the release.

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