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Jessica Jones is finally back with her second season after far too long of a wait. I was lucky in that I was able to check out the first five episodes of this latest season. Things pick up after the events of the last season and her recent team-up in The Defenders. Things have changed, well not really since she's doing the same thing though the world around her certainly has been tweaked. It continues to be an oddly intimate show in that it doesn't venture too far into the realm of any other Netflix Marvel specials. I would honestly have expected some more cross-overs at this point, but I suppose it's good to keep everyone mostly isolated.

This season is all about the past as she begins to explore what exactly happened to her so many years ago. This is matched by an unknown force that appears similar to her and it's all rather weird. It's hard to get a good sense of what's being built up in the first five episodes as nothing really happens. I'm used to seeing more mystery or even a general issue showing up, yet it seems to just be about the lives of those around Jessica Jones. I feel like we've had more of her sister's story than anything and some small time rivals appearing. It's good to be building out side characters, I just feel like nothing has happened with the main character and she's just been lounging around doing her usual routine.
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While I'm strictly told not to go over any key plot lines I'm not sure there was anything too crazy going on to mention. I'm not sure what the main threat is here and I'm more in wonder about what might happen as these initial episodes aren't pointing towards anything yet. I feel that there's probably some build up for later pay-off, but I was left on a cliff-hanger that I brushed off more than anything. I typically love the Netflix Marvel content and Jessica Jones was my favorite out of the bunch, yet there was something missing here. It's as though a sense of danger isn't quite there as the dark elements of these series is often the best aspect. Again, it's just Jessica Jones keeping it low key while dealing with things that come up. Almost funny side stories with possible emotional hits coming along that have potential to be built up.

There wasn't anything too wrong with the initial episodes, they just felt like regular gap fillers in what you'd see in the middle of some other show. I haven't a clue what to expect going forward, I just hope there's something more sinister out there to deal with than what has been shown so far. This was just a really odd look at the season, perhaps more should have been previewed to give a better idea of things as it could possibly be building towards something yet I don't have enough information or development to go from. I will however say that once again like in the first season, her investigative moments are stand out parts so far. I'll definitely be following up with a Jessica Jones season 2 review probably the day after release as I'll need to binge the rest.

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