Jessica Jones Season 2 Review

The first season of Jessica Jones was great, I consider it the best of what Netflix has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe properties so far. With that, I can't help but feel disappointed with this second season of Jessica Jones. It has the same flashy style and unique private investigator presentation to it that worked well in the past, yet that's cast aside here. Going from that mentioned style of working cases, you don't see it too often this time around. There's more of a focus on her legacy and most of all her heritage. This brings us a villain that is significantly less interesting than in the original run and it shows.

We still get elements of what that ghost has left behind for her character, but what we get here isn't close to that level. It tells a cohesive story working more towards building up the side characters and far less on the lead which was disappointing. It's not to say the side stories were bad, they were fine. It's just that I'm not really interested in their problems as they're not who I came to see in action. This was mostly a problem because Jessica Jones wasn't dealing with a typical sort of issue here. It was something more internal than in the past and while there was some conflict, it didn't feel as though any danger was present like these Netflix Marvel shows used to have. I'm having far less of a feeling for danger as these series continue to develop and expand on the service.
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The show was well shot, some of the scenes had a really great style to them. The locations that were visited didn't change too much and while she's seen growth as a character everything is relatively the same.

The story deals with some heavy issues though they come across as somewhat light not having an impact on anyone involved. The action was decent, we get to see some displays of strength and get an idea of what else was done during her early years. The acting was solid from everyone involved and the world feels similar to the first season.

The Conclusion

Jessica Jones Season 2 is fine, it's an alright watch yet not close to capturing the thrill and excitement of the first. The main concept for what was a villain didn't exactly feel right and it was the most straight forward of these Netflix Marvel series yet. There was a larger focus on side characters which I wasn't a fan of and while the stories did merge at points, I wasn't too drawn in.

I also noted many smaller points throughout the season that were just left open or basically forgotten in the overall scheme of things. We did get some closure on major parts of the story, yet smaller key trails just vanished along the way. Some of the motivations for characters weren't ever clear and by the end it was mostly carried by Krysten Ritter. It was a lot of Jessica trying to deal with the issues of others while more important matters almost drowned her.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner