Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 Review

May 11, 2021 at 5:55am
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original Series that follows a family of super heroes in the present, and also in the past. It’s the typical sort of Netflix type style where you get flashback moments that eventually tie into the present setting. It’s actually neatly done here since you get to see shifting aspect ratios which is fun.

That aside, this is all about the family dynamic as you see an aging squad deal with a changing of the guard alongside with the testing of their sacred code of morals. The world is changing, and this show presents one that’s representative of the modern United States.

You have some of the group starting to question the code of where they need to hold a standard of not killing, whereas the villains continue to become more aggressive and rather gruesome in the way they dispose of their enemies. On the flip side of the modern era is the old age story of how this original crew was able to get their powers from a source far beyond. I do hope they explain that aspect further, but I imagine that may just be some sort of mystic thing that doesn’t really get broken down which is also fine.

That aside; I liked what this setup provided, but it definitely does end abruptly here as I imagine additional volumes will continue the narrative. This is really just setting the stage of things to come and hopefully that does get fully realized in time. There are some twists and turns in how the story progresses, but it was somewhat predictable.

That being said, I was definitely captured by the style of the story watching it in a sitting and desiring more from it. I thought the deconstruction elements of how the ideal of the super hero may be flawed was neat. It’s definitely about family, and there are so many heroes here. You get a range of ultra powerful core beings and then the villains or secondary new generation heroes that follow.

It’s neat seeing the youth chase the ideals, while also questioning them and then the brutal side of heroic actions. The toll they can take on the surviving heroes, alongside the losses that are faced while performing their job. It’s definitely an interesting dive into this concept with a more realistic approach to it.
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It’s rather hard to really cover all of the varying characters that are present here. I’ll try to go over the primary individuals that come into play as this is a vast cast. At the heart of this story is Sheldon (Josh Duhamel) who is Utopian, the most powerful and Superman like character in the roster.

He’s a father to two from the next generation, Paragon (Andrew Horton) who somewhat aspires to be like him and then Chloe (Elena Kampouris) who wants nothing to do with the scene. His wife is Grace (Leslie Bibb) who plays Lady Liberty and finally his brother is Brainwave (Ben Daniels).

That’s the core family, and what everything revolves around. There are of course, many other characters including the core nemesis Blackstar (Tyler Mane). Though like I said, other things are in play, as are some of the original group that are all dealing with problems.

It’s quite in-depth across the present and past eras so there are many characters that come into the fold. With that, I thought this was finally shot with some decent special effects being thrown in there. The combat seemed neat, and very gruesome in motion. It does not hold back on being brutal and I appreciated that as the super hero gig shouldn’t really be one of comfort.

The Conclusion

Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 is a generally great start to what could possibly bring interesting dynamics as we see a gruesome, modern era depiction of heroes being tested under their moral code. It’s definitely an intriguing look at the genre in general and the struggles of a family dealing with the weight of being heroes to everyone.

Alongside that, the weight of every hero attempting to uphold a code that they have begun to lose faith in with the constant increasing pressure of opposing villains. Villains that attack with more of a vicious effort leading to much loss, many of which you see, for the super heroes that aim to prevent them from whatever they’re up to

. This does have some minor, but fairly predictable shifts in what’s happening and it really feels like a sudden stop point for more to come down the road. I’m excited and looking forward to that as I really enjoyed what I saw. It certainly captured my attention throughout whether that was in the more important present, or the detailed back facts that came together to tell a decently compelling opening portion.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner