Kevin Hart: Irresponsible Review

April 2, 2019 at 2:49pm
By Jason Stettner

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible is a Netflix Original comedy special that runs about an hour in length. It was filmed in London, England at the O2 Arena. The crowd apparently numbered over 15,000 and it was sold-out. This latest tour is his first to be an original for the streaming service. The jokes and setup are based on his recent life, as he acts irresponsibly over the last year apparently.

In this show he has segments where he goes over family life, dealing with various friends and what it's like to deal with certain issues he comes across. To me, his strongest segment here was a tale about the baby being looked after, that one turned out quite well. I just wanted to highlight that one, as it was rather interesting to hear presented and it generally delivered. Other than that there are many portions about the interactions he has with his children and generally about his current marriage.
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There's a lot of energy in this performance as Kevin Hart hops around the stage. He really gets into things with lots of intensive expressions. There are also some gesture based moments that help back up what he's chatting about. Lots of movement there, which helped add an extra layer to the performance.

The jokes land decently, I found this to be generally enjoyable for a view. I'm not really into his comedic style usually, but I did have a fine time watching this and giving it a chance to entertain. If you like his typical brand style, you'll appreciate what's present. Just don't expect anything too edgy, or wild in terms of content. Very much a show focused on his family life at the current time. I laughed, but didn't have wildly high levels of laughter if that makes sense.

The Conclusion

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible is a live comedy special that presents an hour of jokes about the comedian's current life and family. It largely focuses on stories with his kids, the current marriage and friends that pop in. I found the story based on the baby was well worth the build-up and the delivery was excellent.

Nothing is too crazy here, mostly a tame showing and on-brand for his style. Perhaps even slightly toned down. If you're a fan I'm sure you'll find this to be a satisfactory presentation. I had some laughs throughout, and there was a solid effort to entertain with various movement as opposed to just being a discussion based show.

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Rating Overall: 6.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner