Life in Color Season 1 Review

April 20, 2021 at 5:51pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original documentary series that follows the legendary David Attenborough as he aims to provide context and details behind nature’s range of lovely colors. From the light surface viewing of what we see, to the ultraviolet levels that hide beyond our range of viewing.

This one does seem to cover it all. It’s also decently brief, but gets to the point and provides a generally engaging experience where you get to hopefully learn some new things about how color is used in nature. With this being more straight to the point, I’d almost say it hits like a quick facts greatest hits range of colorful moments.

You get to follow some various species rather quickly, but get the just of how they’ve adapted, or well had to recently adapt for their biome. It goes lightly into the dangers of the changing climate without being too doom and gloom which was appreciated in comparison to the last documentary on the service, and also provides many lovely shots of various flora.

There’s even a nice spot or two where we get to see David Attenborough out and about, showcasing the world around us as a presenter, and even providing technical insight into what we’re experiencing in situations where special camera technology is being deployed. I was quite pleased by this portion, it adds a nice layering to comprehend how they’re delivering a special viewing to us.
Life in Color Season 1 Wallpaper
This is beautifully shot, providing clear and mostly gorgeous looks at nature. You get everything from animals doing their own day to day to flowers swaying in the wind. It’s obviously very vibrant in terms of the presentation, as you get to see the brightest parts of the natural world.

There’s some surprises in there too, and of course some different ranges of colors such as what’s presented in an ultraviolet sort of way. It’s neat to see this all, and with the classic commentary it really comes together to provide a very pleasing presentation.

The Conclusion

Life in Color Season 1 provides a great look at this particularly colorful slice of nature whether that’s in a plant or animal form. You get to see it all, in a brief greatest hits sort of format. It goes through various species quickly allowing you to get a range of options and in general it’s a very easy watch to enjoy. It was also nice to see Attenborough pop in to give some additional context on situations, outside of the realm of typical commentary.

It was an enjoyable viewing, and certainly an easy going one that I found quite pleasing to the ears alongside the eyes. It pops with vibrancy, especially if you’re watching it in 4k with HDR. Definitely a pleasing sight to behold, and a grand experience if you’ve wanted to see a focus on some elements that pop out the most in nature. You’ll also learn a thing or two, I would imagine along the way.

Life in Color Season 1 Review at Home with Streamed Viewing
Screening was Provided by Netflix

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner