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Little Evil is a sort of strange film that had the potential to get rather dark with its comedy but instead aims to be something too sentimental. It starts out with a step father named Gary (Adam Scott) trying his best to connect with his new wife's kid. The child is quiet, keeps to himself and doesn't seem to like him at all. This makes sense as children often have a hard adapting to change like this, then things get strange. Gary starts to notice some certain dark things happening around the kid and it goes from there.

This all starts out fine with some aspects that were dark, yet funny. Though by the end things opened up towards a story of love and care instead of staying close to its original proposed purpose. It was definitely an alright film to watch with a narrative that sort of just went along. I would have liked to see more events being shown to just get a better idea of what the kid could do if he wanted to.
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The look of the film was alright and for the most part there was a solid variety in unique backdrops that were visited. The pacing was fine though a tad scrambled in how it went through events. It felt a tad generic with how everything was handled since the story of a father connecting with a new child has been done many times.

Nothing is different here in that regard with some portions that actually don't make too much sense. A couple laughs were present, though not a lot of the jokes did hit very well. The acting was fine with the kid coming across as quite creepy, yet underused.

The Conclusion

I didn't find Little Evil to be a horrible film, but it certainly wasn't anything I'd like to watch again. It's alright as something to have on in the background though I'm not sure it'll hold your full attention.

There was some good potential at the start and the turn towards a sentimental style was disappointing for sure. It's alright to watch and has its moments while definitely going downhill towards the ending. I'll also mention that the supporting group within the movie was great and I liked seeing this group come together when they were needed.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner