Lost in Space Season 1 Preview

Lost in Space is a Netflix Original series that's basically a re-imagining of a very old Sci-Fi show. They've taken the concept and have completely revamped it for what feels like a more realistic and natural progression of the future. It generally follows a family and those around them that have tragically been knocked off course from their final destination to end up on some random alien world. Things aren't great and they'll need to work together to survive. I was fairly impressed with what I was able to preview which included the first five episodes.

It seemed like a random sample quite honestly as it didn't cliff-hang and just sort of randomly came to a halt. I'm intrigued as to what comes next while still being at an alright stage with what I've seen. I like the concept, space is something I enjoy and the premise of this is unique. There are some themes of a boy and his father figure which are shown through an aspect that's a surprise which I won't spoil. There's definitely a high level of budget here as the world carries a distinct fantasy look while being impressive and vast. I loved the effort on making it feel like a realistic environment and the various vehicles that were present. There are many terrains on this planet and it'll be a treat to see how much of this landscape they continue to explore.
Netflix Lost in Space Season 1 Wallpaper
While I generally was really into what I was seeing, I did feel the pacing was a bit rushed. These are hour long episodes and I still would have liked a slower pacing to help flesh out the characters. We're getting that almost too traditional Netflix flashback style of storytelling and that works for the most part. They're setting up a mystery and it's interesting, but I want to know more about the core family. There are many others at play and it seems the secondary characters are being well setup. They're integrating well into the main family while also branching out and showing there's a larger potential group at play since they were part of a colonization effort.

I found the core cast to be great, the main antagonist seems slightly unrealistic and they're working hard to make the story believable for that character. I thought the acting was solid and the various elements of showing strengths for each member were displayed well enough. Still, it seems to be going along very quickly and they could take some time to rest. A complaint I do have is the lack of an AI for their ships, it seems unrealistic that they wouldn't have something like that present. I get that this is Sci-Fi, but it is aiming to be somewhat grounded. I look forward to reviewing the rest of this series when it's available, definitely one to look forward to.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner