Lost in Space Season 1 Review

Lost in Space is an interesting Sci-Fi adventure that mostly focuses on a family attempting to survive the perils of crash landing on an alien planet. Things are hostile here and the circumstances behind their crash are mysterious. It does a good of filling in the blanks as the series progresses while also adding good character development. I'll try not to spoil things, but I do need to mention that a synthetic life form that I'll note as the robot is a big part of what happens. The youngest of the core family ends up finding this machine and it seems to connect with him.

This creates what most of the plot is based around and the thoughts of people around this odd robot that's come into the picture. Is it hostile, what's it doing here and other questions along those lines. Not only is there that, there are heavy themes of survival in place as the group of people need to deal with the environment they've landed upon. While they're not alone as the robot is there, other ships also crashed and the group may need to look for survivors. There are many factors at play and I thought it came together relatively well. It takes a bit to really get going, but it works to help flesh out the larger cast at play here.
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The core group is the family, with the father John (Toby Stephens), wife Maureen (Molly Parker), two daughters Judy ( Taylor Russell), Penny (Mina Sundwall) and youngest; their son Will (Maxwell Jenkins) that connects with the robot. They all perform well while having their own specific skill sets. This comes into play during team segments and when they split off. There was a nice mix of both and I do enjoy seeing a group together instead of split apart during these ensemble shows. I did feel that Lost in Space was a bit too apparent. I say that in regards to the fact that everything was given to us instead of it being a slow reveal.

You know the antagonist right away and there's a certain level or predictability in what happens. There's also a border upon how dark things get and at times I did wish they'd have gone further. It should be fine for any audience though I will mention it's a nice gritty and more realistic approach to this type of mission making it something that could be possible in the future. The visuals were great, they looked fantastic most of the time. This was most apparent during the intense open sky segments, the vehicles and the majestic robot. I liked the chicken and felt that the one mini love story was a bit off being too awkward in terms of how it fit in.

The Conclusion

I really enjoyed Lost in Space, this was a solid first season and I hope to see more from it in the future. There's a high sense of quality to it with a cast that has great chemistry. The visuals were impressive and I liked how there was a sense of realism within the Sci-Fi style. There's some mystery, but I still felt they could have revealed things in a more intriguing way. Instead of getting fed what's going to happen I'd rather be surprised or have it slowly be revealed. They kept flashbacks to a good quantity, Netflix shows have a weird habit of having too many. It's certainly an interesting series giving a sense of wonder, adventure and excitement as this group attempts to survive against harrowing odds with ever twisting challenges along the way.

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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner