Love Season 3 Review

Love Season 3 is the final entry in this Netflix Original series that's all about messed relationships and a realistic look at individuals attempting to get through life. I wasn't expecting this to be the final season and I was shocked to learn that after going through it. With that, I'm a bit surprised that so much was left alone without any sort of conclusion. It really felt like the next step as opposed to finishing everything off and that's disappointing. There are so many questions I have such as where some big plot points would go, and they'll just be left forever. That aside, this was a great look at regular people in a fun and comedic way.

It's well done and precise in how the season presents its core focus. It was really about fighting and whether the two do actually truly love each other. It does get off balance at points, but the core cast is back and better than ever. They really do all have great chemistry together working in a way that feels even more natural than before. It was also a larger focus on the background of the various characters allowing us to further understand each individual. Everything was well paced and it worked across all the key points in a way that felt conclusive enough.
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The third season of Love progresses well with a variety of colorful and exciting locations. It really gets the whole wild side of LA and lets us see the characters in some new environments. What's great about those is that they go over key moments that any regular person might end up facing through life and depicts it in a natural way. It's got some solid laughs throughout keeping it light while still being weird. It's a weird look at love and I was happy to see the show come back once again as I've rather enjoyed it through its run. All the core cast get some sort of story line going on here though the minor characters are slightly pushed to the side.

The Conclusion

Love Season 3 concludes things in a satisfactory way, it could have been better yet it worked out to how I imagined it might. You get a deeper look at each of the characters and get to see them grow up a bit more. It was nice to see some plot points wrapped up and others were sadly sitting there to the side by the end. The acting was great, but the show in general wasn't quite as dark in the low points for various individuals. It seemed like a lighter take on the series with not everything being doom or gloom. There was a lot of fighting involved which made some points seem odd though it does work out. Love concludes fine, it might not be the strongest of the seasons with many unsolved problems though I'm sure fans will be happy with the way it all works out.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner