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Lucifer Season 1 Review


Lucifer is the only new fall show that I've become interested in, watching weekly with one of my friends and we've turned it into a bit of a new tradition I suppose. The show follows the typical cop procedural design with a bit of a twist that Lucifer himself has arrived in Los Angeles. In what's a bit of an odd direction Lucifer (Tom Ellis) teams up with a police officer named Chloe (Lauren German) and they hit it off.

I actually quite liked the connection these two had as it was interesting and a bit more aggressive than in other shows. The two then follow the design of solving a case each week that usually has some sort of godly connection or symbol that Lucifer ties to being about him. There were also some interesting arching points that were created across the background of the show that were mostly covered within the last few episodes.

We saw some interesting points of just who Lucifer is from him dealing with his wings, his father condemning him to be a gate keeper of Hell and scenarios where his immortality were fading. A great aspect about the show I'd like to mention is how great it is at showing what's happening next episode instead of being lame with cliff-hangers, this actually increased my interest each episode.

I did however find that some of thirteen episodes were a bit too standard as there are many cop shows and they didn't attempt to do something new in the comparison to other shows. They did do a good job of dealing with the heavenly aspects as most people took them as metaphors or a joke and then placing those aspects into the arching story line. There were even great moments where I thought I was predicting what was going to happen in some episodes to be surprised by the twists and that is always appreciated.

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Moving past the general view of the show it's time to dig into the cinematics and the supporting characters that surround the two key individuals. While I love the dynamic of Lucifer and Chloe I also find the therapist (Rachael Harris) to be quite funny at times, but a bit too shoehorned in towards the end so it'll be interesting to see what they do with that character in the next season.

Then we have other characters like Chloe's daughter Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) that was always great for a laugh being a bit too knowledgeable about the world around her. I also loved that she enjoyed Lucifer being around in comparison to his having no idea how to handle a child. We also have Lucifer's angel brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) that honestly acted like more of a devil than his brother so that was odd and I found his surprise time freezes to be intriguing. They also did a great in regards to developing the character from being this lurking angel into someone a bit more fun and in the action.

The final key player in the show was Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) being Lucifer's intense and dangerous side kick demon that kept having conflicting emotions of how to handle this human world. There were of course some more side characters like Chloe's ex husband Detective Douche which I didn't care for and the season's wild card Malcolm which had some crazy developments.

I enjoyed the hour format for the show as I felt that worked well though a glaring issue I had with the show was the gloomy grayscale environments, over usage of eye shadow for everyone and some of the bad CGI sections. I was hoping that the grey of the show was just temporary, but every episode was sucked of color for some reason and I hope that gets tweaked as I wasn't a fan of it.

Make-up is not something I normally care about in life, yet for this show it was so glaring on everyone I needed to make point of it. The final note here would be the CGI which was very bad in some points and even some of the rooms had too much fake light to the point of it being very unrealistic.

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The Conclusion

It's great to see that Lucifer has been picked up for a second season though there are some issues that I'd like to see addressed moving forward. There definitely needs to be less CGI used moving forward or better CGI and perhaps a bit more color on the show would be nice.

The show's episode setup works well enough and I'd like to see a bit more mystical elements mixed into the plot and for some of the key players to realize that maybe he really is the devil. Other than that I thought the acting was fine and the episode length was solid so maybe even a longer season would be nice as I'd like to see more though thirteen episodes worked fine. I'm looking forward to the second season and hopefully it improves with the interesting reveal during the season finale.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner