Lucifer Season 2 Review

The second season of Lucifer was somewhat of a rocky one in terms of how the episodes were broken up. There were some decent breaks with new episodes being added and then some being adjusted. It also covered a ton of ground considering how much story progression had happened and it was difficult to recall everything that has happened despite watching most episodes twice. This is not to be a negative point, just that the episode schedule hasn't been traditional. That aside, let's dig into what's happened over the expanded second season. Things started by dealing with the apparent release of the angel brother's mother, both work together on this matter with support from Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) who actually changed greatly over the season.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) continues his detective work with Chloe (Lauren German) dealing with themselves and the various murderers. This is done somewhat to the side this season as the main focus is on the overall story aspects and with the various relationships of the group. We were also greeted by the amazing Ella (Aimee Garcia) as the occasional forensics aspect of the crimes and she was awesome.

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I thought it was definitely an improvement over the first season with some dramatic moments matched by hilarious segments. Some of the highlights were the yoga episode with the scene of Ella and Lucifer together. There was also the crazy "god" episode with fun in a mental institution and hilarity at really any time Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) showed up. I found the show balanced its pacing well with a rather fast move through events and that's always appreciated.

They also were able to get another full conclusion by the end and I'm completely confused as to where they're headed for the next season. It did feel very similar to the first season in terms of how it looked with some improvements on the quality of things. The actors also didn't seem so tired all the time and that was a nice change. I would however like to see some more mystical elements come into play and perhaps Lucifer showing off his powers. This leads into hoping that Lucifer will eventually get to revealing himself fully to the core players, but they might take it one person at a time. For now, having the good doctor's reaction was excellent.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed the second season of Lucifer and found the extra episodes to add value to the general story. It can almost go anywhere from this point considering how things were left and that's mysterious. There were some great episodes this season that brought the laughs and emotional segments. The cast's growth worked well and everyone was into their roles. The pacing was solid keeping it interesting and that worked for it. I look forward to whatever comes next in season three which should again, be a complete surprise.

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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner