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Lucifer Season 3 Review

This was a big dip in quality for the series as the first two seasons were quite enjoyable with pockets of the supernatural thrown in. I was personally a bit tired of them playing around with reveals and they really stretched that out here. We did see a few more folks get clued in for some interesting side stories, yet the main group was still oblivious. There were some interesting themes for the third season as Lucifer dealt with his image issues and the slow turn towards more of an angelic individual. This was mirrored by Amenadiel dealing with some level of mortality and trying to find purpose.

Those were the strong points of what was going on, as was the initial reveal of the Sinnerman. There was a strong potential for there to be some truly dark moments and they only lightly touched upon it. If you've seen the whole show you know things still revolve around that, yet I still would have liked to see more mystery involved for this built up evil character. I thought something crazy might be happening since that initial aspect wrapped up so quickly. That was then replaced by some repetitive weeks and a love triangle that made me almost give up on the show. There was a point where I wasn't sure why I was watching, it was purely boring though I stuck through it.
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I say Lucifer got repetitive in the sense that every episode eventually became the same with no progression. They would find this crime scene that somehow directly was connected to some random personal issue of the week. Lucifer would do weird theatrics, Chloe would complain and then they'd solve it with the devil never learning a thing. That did get better towards the final two episodes which could possibly be highlights of the whole series though out of a long season that's sad.

That's not to say there weren't good moments of action or laughter. They were just bogged down by some weak segments and a love triangle that didn't really make any sense. The supernatural elements were decent, though still under used throughout until near the end. I like the cast, I can't say I enjoyed the new chief and they didn't seem to know what to do with Mazikeen in the latter part of the season. I was however pleasantly surprised how they reintroduced Charlotte into it all, that worked well.

The Conclusion

Lucifer Season 3 disappoints in most aspects while still being entertaining and well supported by a great cast. Most of the crew is charming and work well together, it's just the plot points that were weak. The main villain was far too casual despite being an initially fascinating reveal. That aspect wasn't handled well making the latter portion of the season a hard watch. It ends on a strong note being a possibly fine conclusion to this series. It was a blast watching the devil solve crimes and I suppose if this is the end I'm satisfied with how it all wrapped up. I really just wish they hadn't wasted so much time getting to the final point and that they would have skipped that love triangle. A more sinister approach like what was initially being teased would have been so good.

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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner