Lunatics Season 1 Review

April 20, 2019 at 5:12pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original Series that follows the lives of six ridiculous individuals in the form of an attempted mockumentary. When searching through the queue for something comedic and light, I saw this. I thought to myself; a satire with an Australian, interesting. I was all in; but I wish I had skipped this experience, well I did skip a lot of this. This is the worst show I’ve ever watched, and possibly the worst form of media I’ve ever consumed. This is absolute trash, and a complete waste of one’s time.

For context, I was watching the first episode and was just numb. I thought these episodes were an hour long in feeling. I had to pause to see if the first episode was almost done. I was only twenty minutes in, it was incredibly awful. It’s not funny, it’s just stupid and the jokes really don’t incite any sort of engagement. I’ll be honest, I skipped through a lot of this. I’ve watched some fairly bad shows, even with those I could stomach a full season. I tried bits of other episodes to get a better idea of things, to give it a chance.

There were some characters I just couldn’t handle at all in this. It ascends past any level of cringe, intelligence or enjoyment targeting weird demographics while providing no laughs the entire way through .Every central character is Chris Lilley who is apparently known for this type of comedy? I’ll be sure to stay away from anything else that’s even remotely similar to what this individual has created here. Basically the other shows he has made, or might make in the future.
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I really can’t believe Netflix would waste any of their production budget on this, I’d rather see more reality TV show type food competitions than this. Hell, throw together another similar fireplace type show and I’ll sit to watch that for a half hour at a time. Ok, time to focus on what this show actually is. It follows a group of ridiculous individuals from various areas and mashes it together in segments. You’ll get around five or so minutes with one character, then it’ll switch to another. It does not flow well.

It even caps the series off with a “where are they now” ending. Perhaps the best of this awful group was the weird large assed real-estate guy. That was stupid, but his portions seemed to have a story line attached. There was an animal speaker that had their dog sent for gender reassignment, a college girl with extremely tall legs. I couldn’t handle any of the latter one, awful. There were weird past adult film actresses that collected weird things, that was beyond stupid. There’s a store owner that is in love with inanimate objects, such as his till. The clothing shop he runs, he renames MyD!ck…

The final and perhaps worst was some strange kid? Something there about owning a special property down the line, ugh. I’m not religious, but I pray there isn’t a demographic that watches this trash. It was beyond painful to endure, even skimming through and trying to watch segments. I’ve never come across a show that I wanted to run from. If this show was on a physical disc, I would destroy it.

The Conclusion

Lunatics Season 1 is an absolutely terrible show and a waste of time, you are brave if you try to endure it. This isn’t funny, the characters aren’t interesting and it’s honestly disgusting. There can’t be an audience for this. I’ve watched many shows, many movies and this is just some sort of next level experience. I tried very hard to go through as much of this as I could. I felt I generally had an understanding, enough to give a review of this season. I’m being very honest with what I could handle here, I tried my best.

There is a serious problem when it feels like an eternity has passed, and I’m just twenty minutes into the first episode. It drags, it’s not funny and it fits into some weird level of humor that just isn’t anything I think anyone would enjoy. I had hopes going into this, something casual to watch and laugh about. This was more of a nightmare than the darker content I’m supposed to be reviewing on the platform at the moment. Stay away from Lunatics, the lunatics that enjoy this and the lunatic that created this.

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