Mank Review

December 7, 2020 at 4:18am
By Jason Stettner

Mank is a Netflix Original film that is quite remarkable in the way it demands your attention. I was intrigued by the concept of the movie, and once started I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. This is one wild ride of complex smaller events that lead towards the creation of the screenplay for the iconic film Citizen Kane.

That was obviously a very important movie, and one that continues to hold up today. It’s rather fascinating to get insight into how this came to be in terms of the concepts it explores and the people it challenges. It really does allow you to reevaluate the meaning behind that movie, while taking you on one wild and sharp journey.

It’s really quite amazing, and something that truly was enticing the whole way through. It’s suspenseful, but not in a sense of terror. More in that you’re really along for the ride, and want to know where everything is going to head. There are multiple key characters, and a neat change of perspective as the time line jumps around.

While the gaps in time might seem a tad perplexing initially, it all makes sense and like the story it’s aiming to showcase the build up towards it comes together in a very satisfying and heavy way. It dives into concepts that are still very relevant today, and probably ones that will continue to be in the future. The ideas of how one might get influenced, and the impact on the people behind the scenes. You’ll get more of what I mean in that regard, once you’ve watched this.
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The performances in Mank are simply wonderful. Gary Oldman commands in the lead playing Herman Mankiewicz. You get to see a man in his prime, when he’s hitting a drunken state and finally at the end of his ventures once washed up. He nails the performance, it’s amazing. Past that, you get a surprisingly fantastic Marion Davies played by Amanda Seyfried.

This is a very different sort of role for her; and she nails this serious performance, very well done. There are of course some other fun faces that you see throughout, I’d say everyone does quite well in their roles. These are smaller performances, but definitely ones that help build the atmosphere. Speaking of which, this is such a gorgeous film.

The way its shot is stunning, it’s in black and white yet ever so detailed. Each scene is filled with smaller details, creating a perfect sense of atmosphere the whole way through. Whether you’re supposed to see the luxury, the broken end of the road or even the seriously uncomfortable moments that hit hard. It’s all beautifully done and comes together in a very satisfying way.

The Conclusion

Mank is a perfect look at the surprisingly thrilling journey that led to the creation of the screenplay for Citizen Kane. This was such a delightful film, and a nice change of pace for what’s been a rather drab year when it comes to movies. A clear stand out from the incredible performances, to the memorable way it was shot and just the gripping story.

I really was entirely drawn in to what this had to offer, it was great. It was just such an enticing viewing, I was blown away by it. Each moment felt important, and the way the true story is revealed is done in a masterful way. They really hit the mark here, leaving a lasting impression. I think this is a film that while the concepts are older still most definitely relate to modern day situations in many ways.

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Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner