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The Defenders, a combination of Netflix's Marvel heroes is finally coming after many seasons of building and I was able to view four of the eight episodes early. It is slightly shorter than the traditional thirteen episode run that the individual seasons have and that's due to this combination being a mini series of sorts. With watching just four of the episodes I'll be giving my thoughts on this while spoiling nothing as I'm not allowed to and it's more magical if you watch it for yourself anyways. The start of the season was somewhat slow and this is because it was building a connection between the group. If you've watched all the other seasons or have a favorite of the group, the first two episodes are focused on showing what everyone has been doing and establish a reason for everyone to connect. It also provides back story on the common enemy and shows a build towards some master plan.

It's actually quite well done and while slow to me since I just can't wait for some defending to happen, it's necessary. You may know where a certain character was at the end of their season (s), this team-up series shows the next step in each of their lives. Think of it as being The Avengers, but a more local squad of heroes trying to do right in their city. The stakes aren't at the level of the world ending and these folks are just trying to make a difference in their own way. To some degree members of the group have become acquainted with their common foe and this season is going to present a hand-off.

Netflix Marvel The Defenders Wallpaper team
While most are probably just anticipating the series when it arrives on August 18, 2017, I'm just left really wanting to see what happens. For those wanting to see a lot of cross-overs you'll get that since almost all the essential side characters appear for small parts. It's got that sense of excitement you see when that Marvel logo scrolls across and the series is well setup. It's hopefully heading towards some epic moments and these first four episodes help develop that.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this squad in action and hopefully the latter half of the season delivers. I haven't been too disappointed by the individual seasons of these characters and I have high hopes for what comes next. A special thanks for Netflix for allowing access to the preview episodes. If you're curious about who's in the squad it contains Daredevil; Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist working together in New York. View our Marvel Movies Hub
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