Medical Police Season 1 Review

January 11, 2020 at 10:29pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original series that follows two American physicians that are working in Brazil, and are then thrust into the middle of a race against the clock to cure a civilization threatening virus. The stakes are certainly high, whereas the attitude is not. This is a comedic show because these two are not only doctors, they’re also cops! It’s a globetrotting adventure where the two take on zany situations and attempt to find a cure to this dangerous virus before it’s too late.

The first of two is Lola (Erinn Hayes) who has a personal connection to this particular medical situation and then there’s the intense surgeon Owen (Rob Huebel) who was once a cop. Through a series of oddball situations the two find themselves battling against mysterious forces and threats. There are of course others, but those individuals play smaller roles. This is apparently based on Childrens Hospital, and the two do work there when this kicks off.

It has many spoof elements, and moments of hilarity. It might be a bit boring or just silly and it’ll take a little to get rolling. It definitely has some hilarious moments, and perhaps times where they’re a bit too serious. The tone is definitely all over the place, but I loved watching it. It wasn’t anything too amazing, at the same time I enjoyed viewing it. I didn’t feel that my time was wasted working through the entire of this show and I’d like to see more.
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The entire cast was definitely one hundred percent behind this and the acting was great. They played the moments calmly, no matter how ridiculous things got. Some highlights were jumping onto a truck, the club and basically any time there was a gun fight. I wish that some of the action was more comedic, as that part was mostly serious.

It’s just got such a dumb comedy to it that feels witty like in The Naked Gun or Airplane!, at least to me. I mean, it’s not quite up to the legacy of those two, but it does have its moments. It was also insane how many locations they showcased. I’m not sure they necessarily travelled to them all, but I liked the jokes involving just how far they had come.

Some episodes they were at three or four spots, it was wild. I do wish that the pacing was quicker for those jokes to come faster as there were a number of gaps in laughs. Again, it does take some time to get things rolling so give it the time it needs to establish its ridiculousness.

The Conclusion

Medical Police Season 1 was a fun start to this incredibly strange mix of doctor and cop situations that I hope does get to continue. It was so weird, over the top and there’s potential for more. It takes a bit too get rolling, but it’s worth the investment. It’s not entirely funny, but it does nail some moments and I really did enjoy this

. It certainly won’t be for everyone, but at times I appreciate this type of comedy and it hit the mark. They mostly need to get that pacing to go smoother, but they had the right steps to tell a story along with making everything a joke the entire way through. The two leads were great, I enjoyed their chemistry and the many smaller chats they had. The hotel scene was pure gold, and just most of this is so crazy that it works for me.

It’s certainly a global sort of thing where the world might be ending, but they make it their mission to let you know how ridiculous that all is in this. I think there’s potential for more here, if they can fine tune things further this could be glorious. It has some zany characters, and so many weird situations that do hit the mark on more than one occasion.

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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner