Murder Mystery Review

June 18, 2019 at 3:20pm
By Jason Stettner

Murder Mystery is a Netflix Original film that is an Adam Sandler comedy. While his comedies in recent years have been rather awful, this one is generally alright. He’s actually funny as a police officer that’s pretending to be a detective to impress his long time wife. The plot itself really isn’t anything special however, and rather predictable.

Just don’t expect anything too wild, and just try to have a good time with it as the jokes are alright. In the film his wife Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) is tired of how complacent things are and that leads to Nick (Adam Sandler) taking her on their late honeymoon. On the flight Audrey winds up talking to a rich person at the plane’s bar and the pair end up on a yacht. Some sort of intense high profile murder happens and the pair need to deal with this.

Nick channels his knowledge of working towards being a detective whereas Audrey takes notes from her love of mystery novels. That’s obviously a dynamic duo right there and they begin on one semi-octane filled thrill ride. It’s one of luxury, from the perspective of a regular married couple.
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The acting was generally fine here, just a pile of weird eccentric rich people and a regular group in the middle. This wasn’t shot amazingly well, but it ends up looking just alright. They could have used the settings a bit more to make this look lovely.

That aside it was really weird to not see the usual pals of Sandler come into the mix, that perhaps helped. It was very much an intimate tale of the two against the backdrop of some fancy location. Again, the plot isn’t anything too surprising and I’m not sure you’ll be too shocked by what ends up happening. You will however get a laugh or two, and it’s more than I had anticipated for this type of film quite honestly.

The Conclusion

Murder Mystery is an alright comedy that delivers a few laughs while providing a rather generic narrative and a predictable conclusion. Still, it was decent and more than I had anticipated. It was a fine watch that I probably wouldn’t view again. I thought there were some laughs to be had, and it was an alright plot to follow. They hit the typical tropes while also having a bit of a laugh at them.

The eccentric characters that surround this murder were fairly generic, they hit all of the marks one might expect at this point in time. Overall, it was a pleasing viewing that I won’t see again but also may suggest as just a movie to kill some in your life with. Get a few laughs along the way too I suppose.

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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner