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Naked is a really bad film that takes the premise of Groundhog Day and completely half asses it. At a certain point Naked was alright and that was when it straight up aimed to copy the design of Groundhog Day at its finest. This being the portion where you get an almost montage of the lead character figuring things out. This happens in a small spot during the middle of the movie and then it spirals down right after once again. The story starts with Rob (Marlon Wayans) meeting his wife to be Megan (Regina Hall) as they're about to get married.

Rob is terrible at life not wanting to commit to anything at an over the top level. After heading out the night before he finds himself knocked out and waking up on the floor of an elevator naked. It's then a frenzy of discovering the day as he learns various tasks in order to create the perfect wedding day and sometimes that just isn't enough. There was also a sense of discovery as he aims to figure out what happened to cause the situation.
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For the most part the film isn't funny, I had few laughs and the best portions were when things went wrong to the highest degree to the point of a guy not being able to catch a break. The story really wasn't that interesting and the fix towards the end felt very predictable.

It didn't help that the idea wasn't original and further that the execution was poor. The acting also wasn't very good with most people just sort of being there. The whole idea of being naked could be funny I suppose, but I'm not really sure what purpose it did serve in the plot aside from trying to provide some extra comedy.

The Conclusion

Naked was just bad, it didn't come together in an entertaining way providing few laughs across a boring story. The plot wasn't anything new and the supposed twist wasn't all that surprising. In a simple story they should have been able to focus on the comedic aspects a bit more since the dramatic aspects fell flat and that wasn't the case.

The best parts were during the repetition of the lead figuring out the best path to get the job done and even that was left alone at a certain point in favor of a different turn. I didn't enjoy Naked and found it to be one of the worst from Netflix.

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Rating Overall: 3.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner