Our Planet Preview

March 24, 2019 at 3:46am

This is a Netflix Original documentary series narrated by David Attenborough that goes over various elements of the Earth, and the environments within it that are in danger. Our Planet is an eight episode series with each featuring a run time of sixty minutes. Each episode focuses on a different element of the planet. It goes further than other documentaries, focusing on the environment as well as the creatures within it.

There's a large focus here on the effects of humanity on these biomes and the animals that live within them. There's a lot of doom and gloom to be honest, but with a side of possible optimism. The episodes are beautifully shot, with a perfect visual quality. I imagine they look very impressive with 4K HDR if you have that level of Netflix subscription. I mention this, as even the base quality is simply stunning.
Netflix Our Planet Wallpaper
There's a great balance of stunning long shots of the environment, focused pieces on particular animals and insane slow motion scenes. Some of my favorite parts were seeing various critters move in slow motion, or watching fungus grow. The fungus is sort of disgusting, and there's something eerie about seeing it sprout out and expand quickly.

I felt they had a good balance of Earth based content to show, and they did so with a sense of wonder. There were many animals I've never seen, and some gorgeous places. I'm sure this will surprise even the biggest documentary enthusiasts. The underwater parts looked fantastic, and it was just a quality production. The editing work was also great, and with the narration this ties together in an interesting fashion. David Attenborough is definitely the correct go to for narration on these shows.

Should be a good viewing for fans of the Planet Earth. We'll have a review of this series in the near future, this is of course just a general preview to give an idea of what this show is liked for those that are potentially interested in it. You get everything in this from forests, to deep water and of course many wonderful looks at nature. Check out our Netflix hub for additional coverage of the streaming service below.

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