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Sandy Wexler is Netflix's latest Adam Sandler film where he plays the title character along with his range of usual friends thrown into the mix. The film follows Wexler in Los Angeles during the 90's as a talent manager for a group of weird individuals. The character has a problem with lying to everyone among other flaws that make it difficult for him to succeed. He does however get a golden chance when he comes across Courtney Clarke (Jennifer Hudson), a singer stuck performing for children at an amusement park.

Seeing her immediate potential, Wexler picks her up and the rest of the movie follows the development of her career. The focus is still on Wexler and his activities during this time period, but the rocketing of Clarke's career is the main event. It's actually one of Sandler's best in recent years and beneath many annoying aspects is actually a charming little story.

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This is very much a typical Adam Sandler film so expect appearances from the usual crew while also having many cameos from others for a retrospective portion of the movie. The acting was fine in it, with characters embracing their strange roles and acting around Sandler's character well.

Wexler was however very annoying carrying that stupid type voice that Sandler likes to do and that just didn't work here. It was really bad and took away from what could have been a decent story. Other than that it was alright in all regards, it wasn't anything special to look at and the story plots are nothing new.

The Conclusion

It certainly wasn't a terrible film and one of the best from Adam Sandler in many years though still not great. It's worth a watch if you're interested in it though I don't believe I'll ever check this one out again.

There were some alright laughs present, but for a comedy is didn't bring it throughout the entirety of the film. The extras were odd though some of the cameos were fun to see in segments across the story. Somewhat of an alright overall with this movie, though one of the best in recent years from the group which isn't saying much.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner