Santa Clarita Diet 4k Details

The Santa Clarita Diet; which is a Netflix Original series, was shot at a premium format. If available with your streaming plan it provides an Ultra HD 4K resolution with support for HDR. There are currently three seasons which come together for a total of thirty episodes that have been captured at this quality. For context, the show follows Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila (Drew Barrymore) , who are a married realtor team. Things go back when Sheila ends up dying and coming back as an undead individual.
Netflix Santa Clarita Diet
She needs to eat people to survive, and the pair isn’t very good at killing people for her to snack on. Their daughter Abby is somewhat more prepared, but also going off the deep end with these wacky revelations. There are twists, turns and of course so much gore. Perhaps more than one would expect as this dark comedy grows and expands over the course of the seasons. Life only got more interested after one of them died. You can read our review of a recent season below, or check out the Netflix hub for additional coverage.

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