Spinning Out Season 1 Review

January 15, 2020 at 4:03pm
By Krista Stettner

Spinning out is a show about the world of competitive figure skating which initially looked like a series that would interest me but I should have stopped after the first episode.

The main character Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) is an Olympic hopeful that has suffered a traumatic fall and injury during a figure skating competition. It’s decided that the only way for her to regain her confidence to complete her jumps and her chances of winning is for her to become a pairs skater with wealthy bad boy Justin Davis (Evan Roderick).

Unfortunately I decided to forgive the horrible acting in the first episode and stick it out until the end of the season. I believe the series started with great intentions to highlight the struggles of people affected by mental illness but got lost along the way.
Spinning Out Season 1 Wallpaper
It almost feels like there was a one season limit to the show so they needed to cram every social problem in, leaving nothing for a second round. The show covers bipolar disorder and the need for medication and support well, but throws in so many more mental problems including self harm, eating disorders and PTSD.

They’ve also added a wealthy playboy, drinking, drugs, partying, single parents and inappropriate relationships along with highly competitive sports. The scope of social issues covered in one season just seems to overwhelm a viewer and gives the show a bad soap opera feel.

The Conclusion

Spinning out does leave one wondering what more could possibly happen to the characters in the next episode and that’s what kept me watching.

I think we all enjoy watching other people with problems and if that’s what keeps you interested in a show you might want to overlook the poor acting and script and give spinning out a try.

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Rating Overall: 4.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Krista Stettner