Sugar Rush Christmas Season 1 Review

December 7, 2019 at 4:32pm
By Jason Stettner

Sugar Rush Christmas Season 1 is the latest part of Netflix's sweets based competition that follows a group of specific bakers battling it out for a cash prize. This is presented over six episodes of about one hour in length. This is on par with what they did for the second season, but down from the first of the regular series.

I imagine this was what the second season’s split of extra episodes became, which makes sense. I also find that the series is getting more streamlined, and the hosts are more comfortable with what they’re doing. It’s a more calmed competition as the guests battle it out creating Christmas themed goodies. Each episode had a sort of festive theme going on, and at times some extra little add-ins for a surprise. This included carolers as an example for how things got mixed up.

It’s generally the same as usual, the contestants battle it out over rounds creating sugar filled creations. Things end with a cake, and they had fun with the themes this year hitting the key elements of Christmas, or at least I felt so. Keep in mind there’s a pressure of time here, and that’s always neat to see how it affects things, and it got close to the buzzer at times this season.
Sugar Rush Christmas Season 1 Wallpaper
Visually this feels right on brand with what we’ve seen thus far. There seems to be a good balance of using the main judges, and the guest judges that are presented. I did find some of the guests to be a bit annoying, but overall this was streamlined and easy to take in.

The pacing feels good, presenting just enough of the contestants to get context into what they’re making. I would like a deeper focus on what they’re specifically making, as opposed to the motivation. I noticed some elements of their motivation were being repeated multiple times throughout an episode. It seems like overall everyone had some fun with this season, across the board. The main host also was less annoying overall, that was good and appreciated.

The Conclusion

Sugar Rush Christmas Season 1 is a solid spin-off for this cooking competition that is the most streamlined and well set version of the show thus far. I liked the extra elements that they mixed in, and they really hit the far corners of the holiday season with this one. Just some minor things to get this more streamlined and some additional episodes would be tops.

It’s easy to consume binge wise, nothing too wild yet nice to have on for something to watch. It fits into the season well and the creations were really cool. The competitive elements felt fiercer this time as the time really got cut down and you could tell some were struggling to get everything to work in those last moments which was great. Hopefully this is the start of more themed events for the series, could do multiple holidays for some unique creations throughout the year.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner