Sugar Rush Season 2 Review

August 2, 2019 at 5:29pm
By Jason Stettner

Sugar Rush Season 2 is the next part of Netflix's sweets based competition that follows a group of specific bakers battling it out for a cash prize. This is presented over six episodes of about one hour in length. This is a decrease from the episodes available in the prior season. It definitely felt like it was a significant cut down in terms of how quickly the episodes went by.

That was rather disappointing as I had been hoping for more, not less this time around. That aside, this season flowed very simply and with ease. The episodes got right to the point, and showed off some more cooking action. There was a theme focus this time around for each episode, an interesting element yet an odd one at times too. That oddity being the fact they kept announcing what it was, heard how viral the snacks would be in that one episode one too many times.

This season also felt like the most, I watched that and can’t remember any of it show from recent memory. I don’t know if it just didn’t stand out, or if it was so fast it was a blur as I prepared for binging something else. I felt they could have taken this season further, but again the show was an alright watch. They create some unique desert themed items with a rush against the clock.
Sugar Rush Season 2 Wallpaper
Sugar Rush was quite well shot looking great the entire time through. They presented the food beautifully and the contestants were varied offering unique backgrounds. They all brought high quality designs and some delicious looking treats that matched the specific themes of the season. It was exciting to see everyone cook at the same time and occasionally see some issues arise, to appreciate how they’d adjust accordingly. The three rounds of every episode were topped off with a grand selection of cookies, cupcakes and splendid cakes.

The treats do vary, and you’re never sure what’s going to happen. It’s nice to see the progression of how the food was created, but it felt like there was slightly less of this aspect this time around. The full hour of time is certainly used efficiently and to show a lot. The contestants were well varied with some fun with ones thrown into the mix. I found the judge combination of two regulars and a guest to be fine this me, they brought in a number of Netflix show guests this season. The host was much better this time around, more calm and collected.

The Conclusion

Sugar Rush Season 2 is a shorter, slightly more forgettable season of the cooking competition. It’s a fine watch in combination with the original season, and I appreciated how fast it jumped into things. I still felt it was limited with the smaller selection of episodes, and I felt the themes could have been more interesting.

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Rating Overall: 5.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner