Sugar Rush Season 3 Review

August 9, 2020 at 4:18am
By Jason Stettner

Sugar Rush Season 3 is the next part of Netflix's sweets based competition that follows a group of specific bakers battling it out for a cash prize. This is presented over six episodes of about one hour in length. With this latest season, the focus is on being “extra sweet”. That means there’s a little bit of a twist included within each episode. I’ve quite enjoyed this series since its inception, but this latest season does feel the most manufactured of them all.

It sort of just went smoothly by, without any kind of truly unique aspect to it. That might be an odd note to make, but that’s generally how I felt about these episodes. They went by without anything truly memorable, or much of a switch up in regards to what had happened. There were definitely some neat treats here, with the whole realistic dinner plate being a particular stand out.

I liked the slight twist of a sweet element, and perhaps this just has become some streamlined system that rolls by swiftly. You have a typical jury group, and some side judge guests along the way as well. Some of the guests were a tad odd. It’s hard to really dig deep into what I found so average here, but it could have been an adjustment in regards to the pressure of the clock. It didn’t seem as focused here, or even all that present I suppose within the cooking battles across the episodes.
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This was alright in terms of how it was shot, with the presentation being fine. It’s nothing different, and perhaps slightly bland in comparison to the spruced up Christmas special that recently went on. Everything just sort of goes by smoothly, and something wild could have added more excitement.

The judges panel seemed particularly subdued here, and I suppose the mellow style of the host is now appreciated in comparison to that initial season run. I did find the varied treats to be interesting in regards to seeing them be produced, and the designs were fairly unique throughout.

I would have liked more of a look into how things were developed, I recall that aspect having slightly more of a focus in the past. Some of the challenges really brought out some creative productions. A little bit of a liquid theme in one, another where the goal was to defy the elements of gravity in treats. I would like the competitive elements dialed up further, it’s almost too friendly in nature.

The Conclusion

Sugar Rush Season 3, Extra Sweet edition was the most streamlined selection of episodes presented yet being an almost bland time. It just went by so quickly, while not leaving much of a mark. It needs some sort of stronger twist, or change-up to provide more interest. My feelings towards this season are truly just ok, which is odd.

I’ve quite enjoyed the various seasons of the show, and this just feels like another small pile of episodes to watch. I get that they’re setup in a way that you can just continue to keep on watching them, but I think this selection of episodes has made them a bit too mashed up.

It just all blends together when going back to think about what I had witnessed. That’s a shame, as I do have many fond memories of the last couple seasons that were presented. I even enjoyed the quirkiness of the Christmas series, hopefully they find a small adjustment that can add a neat twist to the presentation or something.

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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner