The Good Cop Season 1 Do Cora & Tony Jr Get Together?

One of the lingering questions one might have while watching Netflix's The Good Cop in its first season is whether or not Cora and Tony Jr get together. The simple answer is that they don't in this season. Like most TV/Show setups the leads, or well potential love interests for one another don't develop over a single season. This is typically dragged out for awhile and happens in the third season. That's mostly a typical scenario, it may not be the case here however.
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To build on that note, the two are obviously very close and care for one another over the course of the series. With only ten episodes and most being almost a standalone, it really doesn't leave too much room for a relationship to grow. In the last episode (spoilers to follow), "Who Cut Mrs. Ackroyd in Half?" you do see the two posing as a couple. Everyone comments how well they get along as if they're together and it sort of leans into that suggested future.

The two even realize they're quite close as the episode progresses and it mostly likely suggests they will later on. There's some good chemistry there between the two, it would make sense and you'll have to see if that happens. Do you believe this is something that will happen? At this point, it could go in either direction and it'll take more seasons to determine if the two will connect later on. For now, read The Good Cop season review below and check out our Netflix hub for additional coverage. For extra context, Tony Jr is played by Josh Groban and Cora is played by Monica Barbaro with both appearing in all episodes while also almost always being in contact with one another throughout.

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