The Good Cop Season 1 Review

The Good Cop is a fairly typical and basically generic cop procedural with a slight odd couple type twist. It follows two men, mashed together again after many years. We have Tony Sr. (Tony Danza) fresh from prison following a procedure that revealed his corruption as a police officer. This is immediately clashed against with his son Tony Jr. (Josh Groban) that has become the ultimate example of a clean soul. The latter does nothing but good whereas the former likes to bend the rules a bit.

They reside together and that's mostly the heart of the series. The real focus is on the police work that the son does and that mixes into their lives quite often. There's a whole squad that makes up his regular work and they're hit or miss. I found their tech support guy to be really annoying whereas their relaxed senior detective is an awesome type of lazy. This team is further rounded out with the obvious love interest and working to be a detective Cora (Monica Barbaro). Jr and her actually do have fairly good chemistry. It sounds like a lot of explanation, but this really just sets up the atmosphere as there's a lot at play.
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Episodes come across as generic as they have a theme and then conclude. There are some overall story arcs at play and those do get a sense of closure as things progress. I didn't find this to be dark, it's very much a light hearted series. There's a sense of play and joke. It was rough at the start, but by the end the cast did grow on me somewhat.

I didn't find this to be bad by any stretch, it just doesn't really do anything new within the overly crowded genre. It was decently shot and one thing I will praise is the constantly distinct environments that would be visited. I found the acting hit or miss here with Groban not really being great. The too good of a cop thing was somewhat annoying at times, but it does give this show a niche style to stand out.

The Conclusion

The Good Cop is a fairly generic procedural that presents something slightly different that does grow on you. It has some laughs to it, nothing too wild. It's very light in style with some darker elements as murders are dealt with. I liked the cast for the most part, I would need to see more of them over time. Basically to see some sort of change in the characters as this initial selection of episodes is mostly just establishing.

Each episode is different, yet they work together while still being something you can jump into at any point. I'm not sure this would be a very easy binge, but one that can be enjoyed in small segments. It's alright, it just doesn't do anything new. I want to see more of it, but perhaps expanded upon or at least looser in the core concept. The musical elements were mostly enjoyed as well.

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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner