The Hollow Season 1 Review

The Hollow follows a group of kids that awaken within this empty room with no idea what's going while also missing some key memories. Things start going wrong almost immediately and they need to quickly escape this area. It's a mix of mystery and action as this group of kids learn about this new world they've awoken to. Without going too far into any sort of spoilers they begin learning they have specific skills and abilities. It's interesting to see these discoveries while the group also solves the many questions around them. It's an animated effort with some great levels of detail and some really interesting scenes.

They've created a setup that really can compile a series of genres and that works well to keep each episode fresh. You'll know what I mean as you begin to watch as these kids really do explore some high quality fantasy scenes. The heart of the show is however the core group and the mystery surrounding their situation. That works great for the most part, but it doesn't end up being anything too surprising by the end of it all. It wraps up well though they don't keep the secret too hidden which might have made things conclude stronger.
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Another fun aspect of The Hollow is that while this is focused towards kids it does have a dark element. I actually had a bit of a game with myself while watching this to determine whether it was an adult focused animation or not as it balances that fine line really well. Any audience could certainly enjoy this, but it does lean towards friendly by the end of it all.

I thought the animation was great, there were many distinct scenes and they had surprises. The dynamics of the group were interesting and there was a fair balance with the relationships that were formed. It gets really interesting once the cast expands with new surprises that appear along the way. The episodes were well paced and it was an easy binge to sit through all at once since its ten episodes of about twenty minutes.

The Conclusion

The Hollow Season 1 was an intriguing animated show that delivers mystery while being something any audience could enjoy. The comedy was on point for the most part and it had some stellar moments in that regard. It balances the fine line of being dark perfectly so that an older audience could appreciate it. The voice overs were generally alright and the dynamics of the group were fine while never being too annoying, making sense for the most part.

The conflict was delivered in an interesting way as it does have many action focused parts to it. I liked the wide range of characters and the setup for this world sets great potential so that almost any type of scenario could be setup. It all tied together well so it has a very set design, but hopefully there's more to it in the future.

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Rating Overall: 7.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner