The Last Kids on Earth Season 1 Review

September 24, 2019 at 3:58pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original Series that brings an animated style and is based on some books of the same name. It’s an interesting setup as seasons appear to just be labeled as a “book” being an hour in length, at least for the initial one. It’s a weird way of doing this sort of show, but generally doesn’t matter I suppose. Moving past that, this story follows a group of kids that are trying to survive the apocalypse.

It largely follows the lead Jack Sullivan (Nick Wolfhard) as he deals with initial survival in isolation. This apocalypse is interesting as it’s a combination of monsters and zombies. There are few humans left in this town, and this first part is about finding others to build a squad. It’s not necessarily a deep show, but it does bring some enjoyment and laughs. It’s definitely aimed more towards the younger audience to teen, but I found it fine to watch as well.

It’s got a very distinct style to it and the action feels somewhat like if Fortnite was translated into a show. It’s a weird statement to make, but that was the type of vibe I got from it aesthetically and with their setup. There’s a fine selection of kids here, and the story has some neat ideas behind it. The sort of goal system, or well achievement system the kid setup was a neat way to live in this sort of situation. I’d probably do something similar quite honestly.
The Last Kids on Earth Season 1 Wallpaper
I found the animation to be rather smooth, and unique. They have some slightly creepy looking zombies, and some really varied monsters. It seems like they’ve painted a rich monster world in this first release, and I look forward to them continuing to flesh it out in additional releases.

They jump right into the action with this one, while also giving just enough context into the situation the kid finds himself in. There’s also a bit of a dive into the psych of being isolated for so long, and just having the hope that others are out there. It’s a large scale world, and I generally am pleased with the presentation.

There are also some great actors lending their voices here including Bruce Campbell, Keith David, Rosario Dawson and Mark Hamill. It’s an exciting cast, and it should be neat to see where things head. It’s got a solid starting point with their tree house tower of power, and the silly ways they arm themselves for survival based combat.

The Conclusion

The Last Kids on Earth Season 1 is a solid start for this series, with a great cast and an interesting premise. The combination of both zombies and monsters is interesting. You get these massive creatures, and then also a sense of danger from the regular zombie hordes. It’s a scary situation, yet also still entirely appropriate for any type of audience while being aimed towards those younger ones directly.

It has a friendly, yet neat and aesthetically pleasing animation style to it. There are great voice actors that are a part of this, and I enjoyed it. It’s got a decent narrative going on, and I’m very intrigued about where they will take this going forward. It gives off some Fortnite vibes which is a comparison I don’t really like to make, but that’s what I felt when viewing this.

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Rating Overall: 7.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner