The Last Kids on Earth Season 2 Review

April 20, 2020 at 2:04am
By Jason Stettner

This is a Netflix Original animated series that is based on the book series of the same name. This second season, or well the next book as they like to call it is a tad different from the initial entry. The first was just an hour in length starting point, whereas this is split into ten half hour episodes. It works out well, and uses the various characters in many interesting ways. This selection of episodes really dives into the lore of the current situation, and the character dynamics of the group.

The original release brought the group together, and this one shows off how they’re handling things after some time has passed. It also builds upon the aspects behind this commotion, and introduces some really interesting new characters along the way. If you’re not familiar with the overall setup of this situation, people have become zombies and there are also monsters of all sizes everywhere. This time around we see that there might be more dynamics to the actual monsters than initially expected and that change-up is interesting to see in action.

I also liked the character development that’s present, it does a perfect job of dealing with certain emotional elements that this situation might bring to the surface. It touches upon each of the characters, giving them development on their own throughout. I also really liked the flow of the episodes, the way the story progressed and how it ended up concluding.

I did find a little bit of it to be predictable, but for the most part every episode was a little surprising in what happened which was nice to see. This continues to deliver an interesting premise, and I can’t wait to see where the story heads considering the overall shift in events that did happen throughout this season. I think this one really hits the mark for its intended audience, and goes beyond that in a number of smaller ways.
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While the series largely revolves around Jack Sullivan (Nick Wolfhard), it also features a wide range of incredible talent. This includes the voice work of Bruce Campbell, Keith David, Rosario Dawson and Mark Hamill. They’re all great here, and really do deliver some rather intense moments throughout.

The animation quality is also generally excellent, with a really inviting and fun atmosphere yet one that can be dark when needed. The world of this universe in general feels almost like something out of Fortnite, which makes sense considering the target audience. That being said, I’ve really enjoyed this latest set of episodes. It brings some rather surprising moments, and a distinct sense of depth within the various smaller story lines that are present.

All of the characters get their own moments, and it has some neat progression that works well. It’s exciting, it goes by smoothly and I’m ultimately left wanting more as this had been really enjoyable. It brings laughs, moments of heroism and some smaller little charming moments. They have some really great relationship developments here and it’s great to see that sense of growth throughout.

The Conclusion

The Last Kids on Earth Season 2 is a really great continuation of the series that expands the scope of the universe while focusing even more on the core team that matters the most. There’s some great voice talent backing this, and many interesting story lines. It has a lot of heart, and some surprisingly deep emotional dynamics between the team.

There’s a lot of potential for more here, but I’m very satisfied with the direction that this second season went. It had lots of well designed action, a clear focus and some neat twists throughout. I did find a generally important one of these to be too predictable, but I’m sure the general target audience will most certainly be surprised by it. Things are never quite as they seem in this one.

I think it hits the mark quite well with great animation, a neat concept backing it and an expansive selection of episodes that just flies by which is almost disappointing by the time that you reach of the end of them. It all comes together in a very satisfying way and I’m sure that many will enjoy this, particularly the audience that this one is aiming to deliver content for.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner