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The Last Laugh is a Netflix Original film that follows two seniors as they sit around in a retirement home. They're tired of the way things have been going and decide that maybe one last comic tour might be good for them. The two then head out on the road for wild adventures and that's how it goes. It's a very typical and generic sort of buddy road trip hitting all the tropes you know while doing nothing new.

There were some decent stand-up portions, bringing satisfactory amounts of laughter. I wasn't blown away, I didn't hate it and just generally watched this movie. It doesn't exactly do anything too different, and it doesn't try to be deep to any degree. The acting was fine, it was nice to see Chevy Chase in a film again and seemingly back to his natural comedic style. He was paired with Richard Dreyfuss and the two carried the experience. There were others along the way, but they were minimal in the overall core story that was present here.
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Strangely, The Last Laugh just sort of exists to me. I didn't find the camera work to be anything wonderful, but yet at the same time it wasn't bad. They went on some neat trips and saw some rather regular places. There were typical moments from this type of road trip as you saw stage time, parties and generally the two finding themselves.

There's even a rather long drug trip scene, so that was interesting and a bit odd for sure. It was rather slow at that point and I wasn't sure it needed the segment since it seemed more like time padding. They could have spent more time developing the family members as they were just sort of strangely there without any real purpose aside from kicking a slightly different direction for the core two.

The Conclusion

The Last Laugh is a really alright, generic sort of Netflix Original film. It's not bad, but it doesn't do much and just feels rather generic. I watched it, so it wasn't too terrible. I had some minor enjoyment from the stand-up portions and there was a chemistry between the two leads. It just didn't do anything new, it felt like a combination of things I've already seen.

Just two old folks travelling around with weird antics and regularly bizarre activities. The one segment which was a drug trip lasted too long and was weird. I perhaps get the point, but it felt like a meandering extra. This was a fine watch, the leads were good and generally the overall film is just ok.

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Rating Overall: 5.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner