The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) Review

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) is certainly a different type of film in that its purpose is displayed instead of being directly told through the narrative. It follows a completely broken and dysfunctional family that connects at a certain point in their lives. It's told from somewhat multiple perspectives and thoughts on the situation as each member handles things differently. They all have thoughts on the matter and are just brought together to deal with a particular issue. It starts with meeting each individual of the family and getting an idea of where they're at.

It then deals with a certain striking event and concludes with its aftermath. Through these stages certain moments happen that make each member question why they care and if they should at all, about each other. It's a hard sort of film to describe as things just go by in a sweet, yet occasionally sorrowing way. I'm not sure if it was comedic, or perhaps a tragedy though it's most certainly a story about a family trying to figure themselves out at an older age.
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The film is smooth, it carries a soft look and feeling to it throughout. The intense moments feel fierce and for the most part I was entirely engaged with what was going on. This is one of those strong films for both Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller as they each gave an excellent emotional performance.

The film did focus on others, yet I feel these two particularly carried the most important and conflicting perspectives on what was going on. The other actors were also great helping fill in the gaps, but it was just extra pleasant to see these two get this type of role. Sandler also performs some lovely tunes throughout via the piano.

The Conclusion

There's just something about The Meyerowitz Stories that feels important, it's an easy watch and one that might not exactly have a ton going on. It's certainly slow in pace, but gets key moments across and delivers on the emotional portions.

The varying perspectives weren't ever something that took you away from what was happening, but gave an indication of where viewers should be directing their current attention. Solid film to watch, great performances all around and an enjoyable watch.

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Rating Overall: 7.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner