The Princess Switch: Switched Again Review

November 26, 2020 at 5:12pm
By Jason Stettner

The Princess Switch: Switched Again is a Netflix Original film that once again follows two women as they swap places in order to deal with some issues. This follow-up adds an extra third twist to the situation, and sort of just continues things at a later time. It’s got what I’d consider to be an incredibly razor thin sort of plot, but it gets the job done.

It’s not particularly surprising, or full of any depth but it’s watchable I suppose. I didn’t also really have too many issues with it, but it does come across as just being somewhat bland. Definitely forgettable, yet at the same time in line with the first one being a fine continuation of what happened there. They try to do something different here, but it’s very predictable and somewhat awkward in how everything pans out.

Definitely one strange situation, and they could have went further with what was happening. It’s just very light on content and sense of suspense I suppose. It almost rushed through its plot far too quickly. I do wonder where they would take things assuming they get to put together a third one. The concept has been stretched thinly, and I think they’d need to take it another direction to pull off another entry.
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As expected you have Vanessa Hudgens returning in a triple performance of Stacy, Margaret and Fiona. They’re basically all the same with just a minor adjustment to their personality. I wish they would have taken that further.

It actually seems like she’s become a bit of a holiday delight on Netflix, would be hilarious to see her show up in more random Christmas movies in the future. Though, honestly The Knight Before Christmas was decently solid. Anyways, this did provide a laugh or two along the way. This was mostly due to how Edward (Sam Palladio) was handled bringing alive some funny comments on what he’s been doing here or there.

I think the scope of this one was about the same as the previous entry. It was decent enough in presentation, with a wild decorative moment that really isn’t used or recalled later on at all. Lots of dangling situations that loosely get tied together later on I suppose, though not all.

The Conclusion

The Princess Switch: Switched Again features a razor thin plot that does get the job done in telling this really casual Christmas story about very similar people swapping roles. It does try to do something new I suppose, while at the same time not really presenting anything too insanely in-depth.

It barely hits the mark as being watchable, but it’s definitely in line with other holiday themed offerings on the streaming service. I didn’t necessarily hate it, with it being just watchable. It’s definitely not nearly as good as the first one, but right in line with what happened there. It takes a bit of a break in time, and then throws us right back into the drama of these individuals that amazingly look similar to one another.

I don’t think the third addition to the equation was handled well, could have been more dynamics there as this once again felt super rushed. That was especially the case towards the ending, could have let it be more tense or have a dangling moment of danger. That just wasn’t present here, very predictable too.

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Rating Overall: 5.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner