The Sleepover Review

September 15, 2020 at 7:43pm
By Jason Stettner

The Sleepover is a Netflix Original film split into two perspectives. You have the kids trying to find their kidnapped parents and then those very parents trying to pull off a sort of heist. It’s an incredibly cheesy take on the whole, one last mission sort of concept. It’s a movie for the younger audience, no doubt at all about that.

It never tries to be anything more than that, if you’re watching it from that perspective it might be a fine viewing. For myself, it was at times rather torturous. It has some really cringe like moments and nothing of real substance. I didn’t find it humorous, aside from some of the jokes by the parent Ron (Ken Marino). Possibly the one stand out of this experience.

The scenes felt random, and the experience was all over the place. Things generally keep on rolling and you have to just deal with it. When I really think about it, there was never any real heisting either in this. I’d like to think that the younger ones would find some of this entertaining, but I’m not exactly sure that they would.
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There were some rough performances in this one. That was especially apparent from the lead kids which I won’t dig into specifically. It was just, really awful. I recall films similar to this from when I was younger. Even upon re-watches of those movies they weren’t quite as dreadful as this one was.

Anyways, the sets weren’t anything too particularly inspiring. They had some weird costume changes, a little bit about believing in yourself that was poorly realized and then it ended up on the typical sort of note one would expect from getting a few seconds into it. Nothing too surprising, shocking or interesting about it. A laugh or two from Marino perhaps, and that’s about all.

The Conclusion

The Sleepover is a rather awful thief type film for the younger audience that is definitely dreadful to sit through with some poor performances and comedy that falls flat. It just wasn’t very well done and I feel the older audience that might have to endure sitting through will find it rather painful.

I’m not even sure the younger one will necessarily get a lot of joy out of this. It just doesn’t do anything too interesting, and doesn’t really showcase any neat learning morals either. It’s about generic as you can get from this type of story, and I feel there are many better options out there.

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Rating Overall: 3.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner